Best Prams: NZ Buying Guide

Choosing the right pram feels like a big deal because, well, it is! Get ready for the perfect stroll indoors or out!

Last updated: 17 May 2024

Choosing the right pram feels like a big deal because, well, it is! You want one that's easy to push around, doesn't take a PhD to fold, and keeps your baby safe and comfy on the go. Whether you're squeezing through narrow shop aisles or cruising down the pavement, let’s get you set for smooth sailing — or strolling, in this case.

The top pram brands in NZ

Each of these brands has its own flair, designed to match different lifestyles and needs. 

1. Edwards & Co

This brand nails the cool factor without sacrificing practicality. Their prams grow with your child, making them a smart pick for style-conscious parents who don’t want to compromise on functionality, whether hitting the city streets or cruising the suburbs.

Browse our range of Edwards & Co. prams.

2. Nuna

Nuna keeps it sleek and simple, perfect for urban parents dodging through tight spaces or hopping on buses. Their prams fold up without a fuss, making them a top choice for families on the move who want convenience and a touch of class.

Check out our range of Nuna prams

3. Maxi Cosi

Safety first, but Maxi Cosi doesn’t forget about comfort. If car trips are a big part of your routine, their easy car seat compatibility makes life simpler. Ideal for parents who are all about keeping things snug and secure on every journey.

Find your perfect Maxi Cosi.

4. Phil&Teds

Do you have a growing gang? Phil&Teds specialises in prams that adapt to your expanding family, especially if you love a bit of outdoor adventure. These prams are built tough but flexible, ready for any family that doesn’t slow down for anything.

5. Thule

Calling all active parents! Thule prams are rugged and ready for anything, whether you're jogging through the park or tackling a trail. If you're someone who loves to stay on the move with your mini-me in tow, Thule has got your back.

Find a Thule pram.

6. Mountain Buggy

Love the great outdoors? Mountain Buggy prams are like the 4x4 of the pram world, designed to handle any adventure you throw at them. They’re a fit for families who aren’t afraid to venture off the beaten path.

Browse all Mountain Buggy listings

7. Joie

Joie proves that you don’t have to break the bank for quality and ease. These prams are all about making life simpler for budget-savvy parents who still want a reliable ride for their little ones, whether on a quick grocery run or a leisurely park visit.

See all the Joie prams on Trade Me.

8. Silver Cross

For those who love a bit of luxury and heritage, Silver Cross is known as the “Rolls-Royce of prams”. They’re simple to set up and tick all the boxes for parents who want functionality and lots of style. 

Shop our range of Silver Cross prams.

9. Steelcraft

Dependable and straightforward, Steelcraft hits the mark for parents who want a no-nonsense pram that does the job well. Great for everyday use, it’s the go-to for families looking for something sturdy, reliable, and ready for the rigours of parenting life.

Find your ultimate Steelcraft pram

10. Bugaboo

Bugaboo stands out with its trendy designs and smooth ride, catering to fashionable parents on the go. And as many Bugaboo fans will tell you, they tend to hold their value for a long time.  

Check out all Bugaboo listings on Trade Me. 

11. Evenflo

Ideal for the pragmatic parent, their prams are easy to handle, fold, and store, making them a practical choice for busy families.

See our range of Evenflo prams

Types of prams

When choosing your go-to pram for walks and errands, you want something that fits into your life as easily as your baby into their onesie. Here are all the options:

• Double prams

Ideal for twins or siblings close in age, double prams let you push both your little ones together. Whether you're strolling through the park or tackling the grocery store, it’s always nice to have your crew in one place.

Find your perfect double pram.

• Bike Prams

For the active family, bike prams are a dream. They hitch to your bike, letting you ride with your baby tagging along. When you reach your destination, convert it back into a stroller. 

Shop our range of bike prams

• Capsule Prams

Capsule prams (or car seat prams) mean you can go from the car to the pram frame without waking your baby. It's a lifesaver for on-the-go parents who need a quick, smooth transition.

Check out our capsule pram listings.

• Stroller Prams

Stroller prams are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, perfect for city living. If you're after something that can handle a bit of everything – shopping trips, park visits, and more – this is your go-to.

Browse all stroller prams on Trade Me.

• Travel Prams

Designed for the family on the move, travel prams are super compact and foldable. They're also easier than others to carry and store, making them ideal for holidays or public transport. 

Find your ultimate travel pram.

• Newborn Prams

Want to let your newborn lie flat? These prams come with a fully reclining seat or bassinet — ideal for long walks at naptime. If you want to be prepared from day one, this is a must-have.

Find a newborn pram

Buying a new vs used pram

Let's face it, prams can be pricey, especially when you're already splashing out on all the other baby essentials. High-quality prams are built to last and since you only need them for a few years, many parents find buying a used pram a smart move. 

Shop new and used prams on Trade Me. 

Strolling through parenthood in style

Gearing up for the arrival of your little one? Upgrading for those growing legs? Finding the perfect pram helps you make memories with ease and comfort. Jump on Trade Me and find the one that will be there for the first zoo visit, the countless park picnics, and every little errand that becomes an adventure in parenthood. Happy hunting!

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