Best baby monitors: NZ buying guide

Whether you're in another room or out on a date night, the new generation of baby monitors gives you peace of mind.

Last updated: 30 April 2024

Baby monitors — your eyes and ears when you need to be everywhere at once. Whether you're in another room or out on a date night, the new generation of baby monitors gives you peace of mind. Think high-definition video, two-way talk, lullabies, night vision and even sleep tracking. Whatever you need, there’s a monitor to suit you and your family.

Types of baby monitors

Let’s run through all the best options.

1. Camera-equipped baby monitors

Like having your own reality TV show starring your adorable baby, camera monitors let you watch your little one’s every tummy roll or cute stretch. They're a hit with parents who want the full picture, not just the soundtrack. 

Browse our range of camera-equipped baby monitors.

2. Baby breathing monitors

These gadgets are vigilant guardians, tracking your baby's breaths and sounding the alarm for irregularities. They're a godsend for those who fret over every hiccup, but be warned, they can be a tad too sensitive, sometimes mistaking a peaceful sleep for something more alarming.

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3. App-enabled monitors

Imagine checking in on your napping tot from your phone while you're sipping coffee in the kitchen or finishing up work. These app-connected monitors are for the parent who juggles life and baby like a circus pro. Just remember, they're only as good as your Wi-Fi signal.

4. Dual baby monitors

For multitasking parents with more than one child to monitor, these dual-screen devices are your eyes and ears in multiple rooms. They’re perfect when you need to be in two places at once.

See our range of dual baby monitors.

5. Motion sensor monitors

Like a high-tech baby whisperer, these monitors feel every wiggle and roll, keeping you informed. They're for the parents who rest easy knowing no movement goes unnoticed.

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6. Sound-activated monitors

For those who prefer the quiet life, these monitors wait silently in the background, springing to life at the first peep or cry. Ideal if you don't want constant background noise, though they might not pick up on the quieter coos and sighs.

Browse all sound-activated monitors.

7. Wireless Baby Monitors

Cut the cords and take the monitor wherever you need to. These are for the wanderlust families who love a change of scene. Just keep an eye on battery life — you don't want it to conk out mid-lullaby.

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Best baby monitor brands NZ

Whether you're after simplicity, detailed health tracking, or smart home integration, there's a brand out there that will tick all the boxes. Here are our favourites:

1. Vtech

Renowned for reliability, VTech monitors blend quality audio and video with user-friendly features. They're a go-to for those who want straightforward, no-fuss monitoring. While they may lack advanced analytics, their durability is a plus.

Browse all Vtech baby monitors.

2. Arlo

These high-tech monitors offer amazing image quality and smart features like motion alerts. They're perfect for the data-loving parent. Not found on all retail platforms (even ours), so you’ll need to hunt them down.

Shop for Arlo Baby Monitors

3. Oricom

Specialising in breathing monitors, Oricom gives extra reassurance for parents of newborns. Some find the sensor pads intrusive, but many rest easier with this level of detail.

Shop our range of Oricom baby monitors

4. Uniden

Known for robust builds and excellent range, Uniden monitors are ideal for larger homes. Their approach prioritises function over fancy features, which can be a pro or con depending on your preference.

Find a Uniden baby monitor.

5. Eufy

With a focus on security, Eufy's monitors offer encrypted connections and crisp images. They cater to privacy-conscious parents but might come at a premium price.

Shop all Eufy baby monitor listings

6. Owlet

Innovative and health-focused, Owlet monitors tracks vital stats like oxygen levels and heart rate. They're a fit for parents who want the most comprehensive health monitoring, though they come with a learning curve.

Browse our range of Owlet baby monitors

7. Philips

A trusted household name, Philips monitors are dependable and often come with comforting features like lullabies. They suit parents who favour a balance of functionality and brand reputation.

Shop all Philips baby monitors

8. D-Link

Ideal for the tech-savvy, D-Link monitors integrate with home networks and smart home systems. They may require more setup, but the customisation is a draw for the gadget-friendly family.

Find your perfect D-Link baby monitor.

9. Motorola

Offering a wide range of options from simple audio to high-end video models, Motorola has something for every level of tech enthusiasm. Their user experience is generally straightforward, though some models may lack advanced features.

See our range of Motorola baby monitors

Buying a new vs. used baby monitor

Brand-new baby monitors are packed with the latest tech, they’re squeaky clean and come with help if something goes wrong. But if you’re looking to save some money, second-hand monitors can be just as good. Lots of parents list them on Trade Me once their little napper turns into a full-time explorer. Just check it’s up to date with today’s tech and that you’re cool without a helpline or warranty.

See our range of new and used baby monitors on Trade Me.

Hush hour

Get ready for less worry and more quiet moments. Whether you want the newest gadget or a pre-loved baby monitor, choose one that simplifies your days and nights on Trade Me. It’s all about making parenting that much easier. 

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