Best Nerf guns: NZ buying guide

From super soakers to mega blasters and themed favourites, let’s dive into our Nerf gun buying guide.

Last updated: 19 December 2023

Nothing says family-friendly fun like dodging foam darts and plotting sneak attacks on your cousins. Whether you're gearing up for an epic Nerf battle this summer, or just want to unleash your inner child, finding the perfect Nerf gun is the key to an unforgettable experience. From super soakers to mega blasters and themed favourites, let’s dive into our Nerf gun buying guide.

How Nerf guns work

Nerf guns launch foam darts using springs or air pressure. In spring-powered models, a compressed spring is released to propel the dart when triggered. Air-powered guns use a plunger system, pushing air into a chamber to force the dart out when the trigger is pulled. The lightweight and hollow design of Nerf darts makes sure it’s safe to play, with various mechanisms, including manual, motorised, or spring-loaded, catering to different play styles. 

Types of Nerf guns

With all the different Nerf guns available, choosing the right one becomes a Nerf personality test. Are you into close-quarters combat, long-range precision, or rapid-fire action? 

1. Nerf water guns (Super Soakers)

Perfect for summer fun, Nerf water guns bring a refreshing twist to your battles. From compact pistols to high-capacity super soakers, explore a range of options designed to drench your opponents in style. 

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2. Mega Nerf guns

When regular Nerf bullets just won't cut it, go big with mega Nerf guns. These bad boys fire larger darts, giving you maximum impact and domination on the battlefield.

Check out our range of Mega Nerf guns.

3. Automatic Nerf guns

Unleash a barrage of foam fury with automatic Nerf guns. These blasters are perfect for rapid-fire action, turning your battles into a full-on Nerf war zone. 

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4. Nerf Ultra

For precision and distance, Nerf Ultra blasters are the top choice. These guns feature advanced dart technology for extreme accuracy and an extended range. 

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5. Themed Fortnite and Minecraft Nerf guns

Step into the virtual worlds of Fortnite and Minecraft with themed Nerf guns. From iconic Fortnite blasters to pixelated Minecraft designs, these Nerfs will bring your favourite games to life. 

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Popular Nerf accessories

From precision packs of bullets to tactical vests and digital targets, these accessories are your ticket to Nerf supremacy:

Nerf discs

Want to add an element of surprise to your attacks? Nerf discs, or Vortex discs, have a circular frisbee-like design. Launched from Nerf blasters, their spinning motion gives them more stability and accuracy for precise shots. 

Check out our selection of Nerf discs.

Nerf bullets

Stock up on Nerf bullets for extended play sessions. You can get packs of Nerf bullets in lots of different colours and designs so you're always ready for action.

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Nerf targets (digital or inflatable)

Sharpen your aim with Nerf targets, available in both digital and inflatable options. Practise your marksmanship or set up challenging courses for an extra layer of fun. 

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Nerf tactical vests

Gear up like a pro with Nerf tactical vests. These vests provide storage for extra darts, offer a tactical look, and add an immersive element to your Nerf battles. 

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Nerf packs

As a super cost-effective solution for enthusiasts on a budget, bundled sets often include multiple blasters, accessories, and extra ammunition — great value for your money. 

Check out budget-friendly options to maximise your Nerf experience.

New vs. used Nerf guns

With all the new and used options on Trade Me, you can always find quality Nerf guns at competitive prices. Explore listings, read descriptions, and make an informed decision based on your needs.

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How to play

Once you've armed yourself with the perfect Nerf gun, it's time to have some fun. From team-based scenarios to solo challenges, here are some popular games and activities to make the most of your Nerf arsenal:

Nerf Wars: team battles

  • Gather your friends or family and divide into teams.
  • Set up a battlefield with strategic hiding spots and barriers.
  • Choose game modes like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, or Protect the President.
  • The team with the last one standing or completing the objective wins.

Zombie Apocalypse

  • Designate a few players as zombies and the rest as survivors.
  • Survivors must navigate the play area while avoiding zombie tags.
  • Zombies multiply with each successful tag, creating a thrilling survival challenge.
  • The game ends when all survivors are turned into zombies.

Target practice

  • Set up Nerf targets around your living space or backyard.
  • Practise your aim and precision by knocking down targets or hitting specific areas.
  • Time yourself or compete with friends to see who can achieve the highest score.
  • This activity improves your accuracy for Nerf battles.

Nerf Gun obstacle course

  • Create a challenging obstacle course using household items.
  • Players must navigate the course while dodging Nerf darts or foam balls.
  • Time each participant, and the one with the fastest completion wins.
  • This activity combines physical activity with Nerf gun fun.

Free-for-all: every Nerfer for themselves

  • An all-out battle where everyone is an adversary.
  • No teams, no alliances – just every Nerfer for themselves.
  • Last person standing or the first to reach a set number of eliminations emerges victorious.

Gear up, nerf warriors!

So, there you have it, Nerfers! Your definitive guide to dominating the Nerf field. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a newcomer to foam warfare, our diverse selection of Nerf guns, accessories, and budget-friendly options means there's something for everyone.

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