Best trampolines: NZ buying guide

Here’s what you need to consider before buying a new trampoline in New Zealand.

Last updated: 12 February 2024

Trampolines — kids go wild for them, and adults secretly wish they had one growing up. It’s the ultimate family hangout and a full-body workout for everyone — disguised as a playground game. If you're looking to add a touch of excitement to your backyard, create lasting family memories, or jump your way to better health, here’s everything you need to know. 

Trampolines - what to consider

Buying the right trampoline is all about safety, size, and durability. Here’s what you need to consider before locking in your new purchase:

What’s the right size?

Your backyard has limits, and so do trampolines. Opt for a size that fits snugly without taking over your outdoor area. We think a 10-12 feet diameter is usually the perfect fit for family fun. Keep in mind, a bigger size doesn’t translate to handling the weight of more people. 

How durable are they?

Weather, rust, wear – trampolines face it all. Most trampolines will last two to three seasons, although spring-free options can survive for longer. Look for durability features like corrosion-resistant materials. A quality build will mean your investment can handle sun, rain, and seasons of endless jumps.

Are they worth the price?

A slightly higher upfront cost often translates to better materials and construction. Invest wisely to secure a trampoline that's not only fun but safe and durable. 

Can I assemble it myself?

Consider the assembly process. Some brands offer smoother DIY experiences than others. A hassle-free setup means a safer result, and less time battling with springs and bolts.

How safe are they really?

Not all trampolines are made equal. You’ll want to invest in nets, padding, and sturdiness for a safer bounce. And make sure whichever trampoline you choose, adheres to modern safety standards. 

Types of trampolines

Each type of trampoline brings a different vibe. From big backyard bouncing to serious fitness, here’s what you have to choose from:

Mini trampolines

Perfect for compact spaces and low-impact workouts, they're your ticket to fun fitness, without breaking the bank or rearranging your living room.

Browse our range of mini trampolines.

Kids trampolines

Meet the classic outdoor trampoline and the ticket to backyard fun. Engineered with a focus on safety and durability, these big, circular trampolines provide a secure space for kids to bounce and play. 

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Rebounder trampolines

The rebounding motion on these tramps engages various muscle groups, promotes cardiovascular health, and improves balance and coordination. They also come with features like stability bars and adjustable tension settings. 

See our rebounder trampoline listings.

Indoor trampolines

Rain or shine, the fun never stops with indoor trampolines. Perfect for year-round enjoyment, these trampolines let you bounce to your heart's content, sheltered from the unpredictable weather. 

Check out all indoor trampolines

Exercise trampolines

Combining cardio and fun, these trampolines turn fitness into a fun experience. To make sure it can handle your workout, a good exercise tramp will have a sturdy frame, high-quality elastic cords or springs, and a durable jumping surface.

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Best trampoline brands in NZ

When all you want is a carefree bounce, these popular brands combine durability, safety, and unbeatable fun:

1. Springfree: safe, innovative bouncing

Springfree uses a cutting-edge, spring-free design that prioritises safety. Engineered with flexible, high-strength rods, it offers a secure yet exhilarating bounce — a top choice for families. And because there are no springs, there’ll be less rust, making this trampoline more durable than other brands. 

Check out our Springfree trampoline listings

2. Jumpflex: durable thrills

Jumpflex trampolines are built to last, enduring the most enthusiastic jumps while providing lasting excitement. With features like reinforced safety nets and sturdy frames, Jumpflex is the go-to for families seeking durability without compromising on fun.

Browse our range of Jumpflex trampolines

3. The Big Bounce: affordable fun

Bringing joy on a budget, The Big Bounce offers a range of affordable, quality trampolines for every backyard. Catering to diverse needs, it's the choice for families prioritising fun without breaking the bank.

See The Big Bounce trampoline listings

4. SpaceJump: cosmic bouncing

Transforming bouncing into a cosmic adventure, SpaceJump brings a touch of the universe to your backyard. Whether stargazing or enjoying a space-themed adventure, SpaceJump offers a unique and celestial approach to trampolining.

5. Superfly: stylish jumps

Superfly trampolines combine style with soaring jumps, turning your backyard into a chic haven. Focused on design aesthetics and exceptional performance, Superfly offers a unique bouncing experience for the style-conscious homeowner.

Find a Superfly trampoline.

Sizes and accessories

From the popular 10ft and 12ft options for family fun to the compact 8ft and expansive 14ft choices, there are lots of great options for your space and thrill preferences. And if you’re looking to level up the excitement, you can pick out accessories like trampoline scooters, water sprinklers, basketball hoops, and ladders for easy access. 

New vs used trampolines

Brand-new trampolines come loaded with the latest safety gadgets, sleek designs, and a longer lifespan. Plus, warranties for that extra peace of mind. On the flip side, a used trampoline can be a wallet-friendly option, but it comes with homework. Check for wear and tear, and make sure it still bounces like a champ. The upside? It might already be set up, saving you the assembly headache.

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Happy jumping!

From compact and stylish mini trampolines to classic outdoor wonders for the little ones – the perfect trampoline awaits. Dive into our listings, discover the joy of jumping, and let the bouncing begin. 

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