Top 10 trending products this summer on Trade Me

Check out the hottest products flying off the virtual shelves - from outdoor essentials to the latest tech.

Last updated: 16 January 2024

Get ready to ride the wave of summer fun, Aotearoa. The sun's out, and so are the hottest trends on Trade Me that are turning up the heat. Kiwi across the country are gearing up for a summer filled with outdoor adventures and relaxation. If you're wondering what everyone is buying on Trade Me, look no further. From outdoor essentials to the latest tech, here's a roundup of the top 10 trending products that are flying off the virtual shelves.

1. Outdoor furniture

Transforming your outdoor space into an entertainer's paradise is a priority for many Kiwi this summer. From table and chair sets to sun loungers, couches, hanging egg chairs, and more, outdoor furniture is a great way to deck out your outdoor space in style! Embrace sustainability and affordability without compromising style by exploring these pre-loved options, or if you're looking for the latest designs, check out the new listings.

2. Lawn mowers

Lawn goals, anyone? A well-maintained lawn is the epitome of a Kiwi summer, and a reliable lawn mower is the key to achieving that picture-perfect green space. From new electric mowers that hum quietly as they work, to pre-loved petrol-powered mowers that tackle even the toughest tufts, Trade Me offers an extensive range to meet every lawn's needs. With new listings added daily from top brands including Ryobi and Masport, say goodbye to the chore and hello to a lawn that's the envy of the neighbourhood.

3. Barbecues

Let's be real here, what's summer without a barbecue? Kiwi are embracing the sizzle this season, with BBQs taking centre stage at backyard gatherings and beachside picnics. Trade Me is buzzing with activity as people hunt for the perfect Weber or Gasmate grill to enhance their outdoor cooking experience.

4. Saunas

As wellness takes the spotlight entering the new year, saunas are becoming an increasingly popular addition to Kiwi homes. Trade Me users are investing in personal saunas to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, from relaxation to detoxification, right in the comfort of their own space. Sweat out the stress and embrace the sauna life - no membership required!

5. Tents

For those seeking adventure beyond their backyard and craving a dose of the great outdoors, camping tents are a hot commodity. Whether it's camping off the beaten track or setting up a cosy spot at a music festival, Trade Me has a variety of tents including top brands such as Kathmandu and Great Outdoors, catering to every camper's needs from new to pre-loved.

6. Trampolines

Bounce into summer with backyard shenanigans with top brands such as Springfree Trampoline, Sello, and TSB Living. Families are investing in trampolines for a backyard upgrade that keeps both kids and adults entertained and active during sunny (or rainy) days. Who said the kids get to have all the fun?

7. Nike Dunks

Stepping into the realm of fashion, Nike Dunks are the must-have sneakers this summer! Nike Dunks aren't just kicks; they're a journey through sneaker evolution. While brand-new Dunks or the latest releases might carry a premium price tag, the savvy shoppers on Trade Me know that the world of pre-loved Dunks offers a budget-friendly alternative.

8. iPhone 14

Tech enthusiasts, TikTok users and keen photographers are always on the lookout for the latest gadgets, and the iPhone 14 is causing a digital frenzy on Trade Me. Kiwi are upgrading their devices to stay connected, capture moments from their epic summer roadie, and enjoy the cutting-edge features of one of Apple's newest releases.

9. Kayaks

Looking for that new summer activity that gets you outdoors and feeling good? Kayaks are setting sail on Trade Me, promising a summer filled with aquatic adventures. Whether you're an advanced paddler seeking something new off the shelf, or a first-time kayaker looking for a seasoned companion, the diverse listings on Trade Me ensure you have the perfect kayak to suit your style.

10. Electric scooters

Turn your daily grind into a daily thrill with an electric scooter - the sleek and eco-friendly way to turn your commute into a fun adventure. Some say that scooting to work is as good as a morning coffee, so say goodbye to traffic jams and waiting at bus stops, and explore our hundreds of electric scooter listings with pick-up options available in your region. With a range of new and pre-loved options to choose from, there's something to suit everyone's needs.

Whether you're transforming your backyard into an oasis with the latest outdoor furniture, making waves on the water with a new or pre-loved kayak, stepping out in style with the latest Nike Dunks, or cruising to work on an eco-friendly electric scooter, Trade Me is your go-to destination for the hottest products this summer. Explore Trade Me's summer trends, find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, and make this season uniquely yours.