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Ready for a microwave upgrade? Whether it’s for late-night snack attacks or meal prep, the right microwave is key.

Last updated: 16 May 2024

Ready for a microwave upgrade? Whether it’s for those late-night snack attacks or lightning-fast meal preps, the right microwave is key. Let’s find you one that fits your counter space, matches your cooking style, and, most importantly, heats your treats just right. Here are your options:

Types of microwaves

What matters most to you in the kitchen — space, precision, versatility, or design? All these microwaves offer something a bit different:

1. Inverter microwaves

Inverter microwaves are the answer to the dreaded hot-and-cold spots in your zapped food. They don’t just blast full power and pause – they adjust the flow for smooth, even cooking. The consistency of heat means evenly cooked food, every time. 

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2. Flatbed microwaves

This microwave swaps the traditional rotating turntable for a static, flat surface. The magic happens underneath with rotating antennas that distribute the waves evenly, so your food cooks perfectly no matter where it sits. More space, less cleaning, and a fit for any dish shape — great for entertaining. 

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3. Convection microwaves

These are the multitaskers — microwave one minute, baking and grilling the next. If you have limited kitchen space, this microwave lets you whip up a roast, heat popcorn or bake cookies — all on your counter.  

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4. Built-in microwaves

Sleek and tidy, built-ins are designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen, giving it a streamlined look. They’re a bit more of an investment but worth it as they also save on worktop space. If your kitchen is the heart of your home and you fancy keeping it clutter-free, definitely check them out. 

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Top microwave brands in NZ

Whether you’re after style, innovation, or sheer practicality, these microwave brands have something for everyone.

1. Makita

Makita's builder's microwave has a portable design and is battery-powered, making it perfect for tradespeople. With the unique toastie maker feature and rugged construction, it lets you enjoy hot meals and snacks, no matter where your work takes you.

2. Panasonic

Thanks to its inverter technology, Panasonic is perfect for foodies wanting to cook up a wide range of dishes. You can gently defrost seafood or reheat leftovers and expect them to still be delicious. 

Browse our range of Panasonic microwaves.

3. Breville

With its Quick Touch feature, cooking comes down to the push of a button. Select your food type, hit Quick Touch, and your meal is on its way to being cooked to perfection. It's ideal for the hustle and bustle of a busy home. 

Find a Breville microwave.

4. Samsung

Tech-savvy users will love Samsung's smart microwaves. With Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control, it's like having a kitchen assistant at your beck and call. The easy-clean interior is a bonus for families or anyone who dreads the clean-up.

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5. LG

If you’re after consistent results and convenience, LG is a great choice. Its Smart Inverter technology means your food is cooked just right, while the EasyClean feature makes maintenance a breeze. 

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6. Sharp

Sharp is all about dependability and simplicity. In other words, you'll get evenly cooked meals with minimal fuss. 

See all Sharp microwave listings on Trade Me. 

7. Brabantia

Brabantia’s focus on durable, stylish home goods now extends to their kitchen appliances. Ideal for those who value form and function in equal measure.

8. Smeg

With retro designs and modern functions, Smeg microwaves add a dash of elegance to any kitchen. It's suited for those who see their kitchen as a space of aesthetic expression as much as a place to cook and eat. 

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9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool wants to make cooking as easy as possible. With features like sensor cooking and steam capabilities, it's perfect for health-conscious individuals or busy families looking to streamline their kitchen routine without sacrificing quality.

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10. Anko

Anko is super affordable, making it a popular choice for students or anyone on a tight budget. Its straightforward functionality covers all the basics, great for anyone needing a no-frills microwave that does the job well.

Buying a new vs used microwave

New microwaves come with the assurance of a manufacturer's warranty, cutting-edge features, and the guarantee that it has not suffered from wear and tear. It's a worry-free, straight-out-the-box experience. However, it'll cost you more than a used one. Opting for a used microwave can give you the same functionality, without the hit to your wallet. The downside? You'll need to be vigilant. Check for any signs of damage, confirm that it functions correctly, and be aware that there may be no warranty. 

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Zap to the future

Alright, that's the lowdown on microwaves! No matter what you're after - from simple zap-and-go gadgets to fancy dinner-prep heroes - there's one out there with your name on it. Jump on Trade Me and choose one that’ll make life easier and mealtimes a bit more fun. Happy hunting!

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