Choosing the best dishwasher: NZ buying guide

Find the perfect dishwasher to make your post-meal clean-up a breeze!

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all dishwashing. With features like targeted spray arms, smart cycle adjustments, and even noise control, the modern dishwasher transforms your post-meal clean-up from a chore into a seamless, almost magical process. Just imagine — more time for family, relaxation, or just savouring the quiet hum of a machine doing the hard work for you. So, let’s find that life-changing appliance together.

Types of dishwashers

Understanding the types of dishwashers available will help you match your specific needs. Is it about saving space, or enjoying the latest features for a hassle-free clean?

1. Dishwasher drawers

So you've got a kitchen where every inch counts, or maybe you just hate bending down to load the dishes. Dishwasher drawers are game-changers. Opt for a single if you're short on space, or a double when you need more capacity. They're real energy savers, perfect for running smaller loads without the guilt. The downside? They can hit the wallet harder than standard machines and won't fit your biggest pots and pans.

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2. Benchtop dishwashers

Imagine a tiny powerhouse that sits right on your countertop, ready to tackle your dirty dishes. Benchtop dishwashers are ideal for cosy apartments or the quaint bach by the sea. The catch is they take up precious counter space. Can spare a slice of your counter for this mini marvel?

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3. Integrated dishwashers

Love that sleek, unbroken line of cabinetry in your kitchen? An integrated dishwasher keeps the flow going with a design that hides it behind a panel matching your units. It's the chameleon of the kitchen world – there but not seen. But installation? That's trickier, often needing a professional touch.

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4. Portable (mini) dishwashers

Got a tight kitchen or a temporary living situation? A portable dishwasher might just be your new best friend. Wheel it out, hook it up to the sink, and away it goes – it's there when you need it and tucked away when you don't. Sure, they're small, but they make up for it in flexibility. Just remember, you'll need some closet or corner to keep it when your kitchen's in full swing.

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5. Slimline dishwashers

Narrow kitchens, meet your match – the slimline dishwasher. Its slender design fits snugly into tight spots, meaning you don't have to sacrifice a clean kitchen for living in a space-challenged home. Before you commit, pull out that tape measure and make friends with the dimensions of your space – this could be the sleek solution you've been searching for.

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Popular dishwasher brands on Trade Me

Each of these brands offers different features and innovations. Get to know them, so you can pick a dishwasher that's proven to meet consumer expectations and stand the test of time.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel are like the All Blacks of the dishwasher world – a homegrown favourite that never disappoints. Their dish drawers are revolutionary, giving you the efficiency and flexibility, you need.

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Bosch is the brand you turn to when you want your dishes done right. Their machines, known for reliability, bring that German engineering right to your fingertips.

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Haier is the up-and-comer offering feature-rich dishwashers at a price that won't make your wallet weep. They're all about value without compromise.

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Westinghouse has been a household name since... well, it seems like forever. Their dishwashers? Solid, dependable, and ready for whatever your family throws at them.

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Futuristic tech in the kitchen? Samsung says 'yes'. Their dishwashers come with nifty features like WiFi connectivity because, let's face it, everything's better with an app. Check out Trade Me to find a Samsung that'll ping your phone when your dishes are pristine.

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Smeg is the Dolce & Gabbana of dishwashers – stylish, Italian, and a little bit fancy. If you want a kitchen that makes a statement, a Smeg will wash your dishes and look good doing it.

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LG takes the 'life's good' slogan to heart, especially when it comes to dishwashing. With smart features and sleek designs, their machines are all about making your daily cleaning less of a chore.

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Beko might not be as well-known, but they're the quiet achievers of the dishwasher world. Efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious, they've got great models that are perfect for the eco-savvy cleaner.

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Robinhood isn't just a fairy-tale character; it's also a brand that offers straightforward, no-fuss dishwashing. They keep it simple and effective.

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Asko is like that smart, sleek Scandinavian cousin we all wish we had. Their dishwashers are all about minimalist design and maximum efficiency.

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Buying a new vs used dishwasher

Deciding between a new or used dishwasher? New ones come with the latest features and warranties, offering peace of mind but at a higher cost. Used dishwashers are more budget-friendly and eco-conscious, yet they carry uncertainties like wear and potential repairs without warranty coverage. It boils down to what you value more: the reliability and technology of a new appliance or the cost savings and environmental benefits of a used one.

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No more handwashing

Whether you're battling the aftermath of a family feast, managing mealtime messes in a snap, or longing for the ease of a dishwasher that fits just right in your space, the ideal dishwasher is ready for you. Visit Trade Me to sift through a variety of dishwashers and find the one that will make clean-up a breeze and your dishes sparkle.