Best Vacuum Cleaners: NZ Buying Guide

Battling dust bunnies and relentless crumbs? A good vacuum cleaner can be your best mate in the battle against mess.

Last updated: 17 May 2024

Battling dust bunnies and relentless crumbs? A good vacuum cleaner can be your best mate in the battle against mess. But picking the one that’ll keep your floors spotless without sucking up your savings can be tricky. So, here's the dirt on how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home:

Types of vacuum cleaners

Whether you’re dealing with daily spills or weekly deep cleans, there’s a vacuum for the job. Here are your options:

1. Stick vacuum cleaners

Tall, slim, and lightweight, stick vacuums are the sprinters of the vacuum world. Perfect for quick clean-ups, their lightweight design makes them ideal for a run around the house without breaking a sweat.

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2. Car vacuum cleaners

These handy devices are the detailers of the vacuum family. Compact in size, they come with various attachments to help you reach into the abyss between seats and make sure your ride is as spotless as your home.

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3. Handheld vacuum cleaners

Spot a cobweb or a pile of crumbs? Grab a handheld vacuum. These are perfect for quick pickups and tight spots that bulkier vacuums can't reach. Think of them as the quick-draw gunslingers of your cleaning holster.

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4. Upright vacuum cleaners

The traditionalists of the vacuum line-up, uprights offer a powerful clean with wide brushes to cover more carpet in less time. They're self-contained units, meaning no canister to drag around, and they often come with settings for different floor types.

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5. Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuums are the Swiss Army knives of the bunch, offering a multi-faceted approach to cleaning. With a separate body and flexible hose, they can tackle floors, furniture, and curtains with equal efficiency.

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6. Robot vacuum cleaners

The future is here, and it's a vacuum that cleans for you. Robot vacuums roam your home on autopilot, dodging furniture, and pets alike. Some even empty themselves. They're not just vacuums; they're your little automated cleaning buddies.

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Most searched vacuum brands in NZ

These top brands all offer unique features, performance levels, and price points.

1. Miele

With a reputation for quality and longevity, Miele vacuums have powerful suction, top-notch filtration, and are a dream for anyone looking for a hypoallergenic option. They might cost a bit more, but they’re built to last.

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2. Hoover

Hoover's name is so synonymous with vacuuming, it's become a verb. They offer a range from the ultra-affordable to the feature-rich, with reliable performance across the board.

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3. Dyson

Dyson is the James Bond of vacuums — sleek, innovative, and definitely not shy about the price tag. Known for their cyclonic technology and bagless designs, they're a favourite for those who want a combo of style and high performance.

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4. Karcher

Need something that can withstand a bit of rough? Karcher's your brand. They're known for industrial-strength cleaners, so if your messes are more hardcore, Karcher’s the muscle you need.

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Carpet vs hardwood vs tiles

No matter what your floor type you have, the key is finding a vacuum that sucks up dirt and dust without causing damage. Whether it's the deep clean needed for carpets, the delicate touch for hardwood, or the grout-cleaning power for tiles, there's a vacuum out there that’s up to the task. But if you've got a mix of flooring types (like most homes), go for versatility. The top brands we’ve mentioned offer multi-surface vacuums that have different settings and attachments for each floor type. 

Our advice? Check the specifications and reviews, and if you can, take a model for a spin before you commit. Your floors are the stage of your home — keep them in show-stopping condition!

Buying a new vs used vacuum cleaner

Going for new gets you the latest model with all the mod-cons and a warranty to boot. But if you're after value, a pre-loved vacuum can still have plenty of life in it — just make sure you can test it out so you don’t end up with a dud.

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Suck it up smarter

Always think about what you need before you buy. Is it suction power? Ease of use? Or maybe you're all about those vacuums that promise a quieter clean? Whatever you’re after, you’ll find the best deals and choices on Trade Me. 

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