Best electric scooters: NZ buying guide

If you’re keen to ditch the traffic jams and get on board the electric scooter revolution, our guide has you covered.

Last updated: 13 February 2024

Imagine gliding through city streets, wind in your hair and no traffic to slow you down. Electric scooters are new darlings of commuters — eco-friendly, efficient, and effortlessly cool. They’re more than just a ride; they're a lifestyle. 

If you’re keen to ditch the traffic jams and get on board this sleek, zippy revolution, our buying guide has you covered. 

Types of electric scooters

Whether you’re cruising the city streets or craving an off-road adventure, you’ll want to choose the ideal electric scooter for your lifestyle. Here are your options:

Electric scooters for kids

Perfect for pint-sized enthusiasts, these electric scooters come with safety features and speed limits that suit younger riders. Look out for vibrant designs and durable builds that can handle a bit of play.

Find our range of electric scooters for kids.

Electric scooters seats

Experience a more relaxed ride with electric scooters that come equipped with comfortable seats. Ideal for longer journeys or those who prefer a seated cruising style.

Browse our seated electric scooters.

Off-road warriors

Unleash your inner daredevil with off-road electric scooters, designed to tackle rough terrains. Fat tires, robust suspension, and powerful motors make them your go-to for adventurous escapades.

Shop our range of off-road electric scooters

Fat tyre scooters

Stand out from the crowd with the stylish and sturdy fat tyre electric scooters. These chunky-wheeled wonders provide extra stability and a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces.

See all fat tyre scooters

Golf scooters

An eco-friendly and convenient alternative for the modern golfer. These electric scooters are designed to carry your clubs around the course. 

See our range of golf scooters

Harley-style cruisers

Drawing inspiration from classic Harley designs, these electric scooters are sleek, powerful, and with an attitude to match.

Find Harley-style electric scooters.

Best electric scooter brands in NZ

From razor-sharp designs to mind-blowing tech, each brand has its winning features. Here are the top five brands in NZ:

1. Razor

Known for their commitment to safety and durability, Razor electric scooters are popular among kids and teens. Look for their user-friendly designs and reliable performance.

Check out our range of Razor electric scooters

2. Xiaomi

Xiaomi electric scooters blend sleek aesthetics with smart features. They are renowned for their portability, user-friendly controls, and efficient battery life.

See all our Xiaomi electric scooters


Mi electric scooters offer a perfect balance between performance and affordability. With a range of models catering to different needs, Mi has become a trusted name in the e-scooter scene.

Browse our range of Mi electric scooters


As a subsidiary of Segway, Ninebot electric scooters showcase cutting-edge technology and innovative designs. They're known for their stability, smart connectivity, and advanced safety features.

Shop Ninebot electric scooters


Segway electric scooters are synonymous with quality craftsmanship. From city cruisers to off-road explorers, Segway offers a diverse range of scooters tailored to various preferences.

Check out our range of Segway electric scooters

Choosing the right voltage

Understanding the voltage of your electric scooter is crucial for performance and safety. Here's a quick guide:

  • 60 Volt: high voltage for powerful rides, suitable for off-road and heavy-duty scooters.

  • 48 Volt: a versatile option providing a good balance between power and efficiency.

  • 36 Volt: ideal for daily commuting and moderate-speed scooters.

  • 24 Volt: entry-level voltage suitable for basic electric scooters.

New vs. used: the electric scooter dilemma

Opting for a spanking new electric scooter promises the latest tech, sleek designs, and irresistible new ride smell. On the other hand, going for a pre-loved electric scooter is the budget-conscious route. Don’t let the term ‘used’ fool you; these scooters may bear a few scratches but be just as good as new.

Shop our range of new and used electric scooters

Electric scooter accessories

For your new electric scooter, the right accessories can unlock a personalised and efficient riding experience.

1. Batteries

Riding an electric scooter is all about the freedom of the open road, and the key to keeping that momentum is a reliable battery. Upgrading or having a spare battery can be a game-changer for longer rides. Opt for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to give a more extended and more reliable journey.

Browse our electric scooter battery listings.

2. Chargers

Picture this: you're ready for your next electric adventure, but your scooter is running on empty. A powerful and efficient charger is your ticket to uninterrupted enjoyment. Invest in a charger that matches your scooter's specifications, ensuring a quick and reliable recharge, so you're always ready for your next journey.

Find the right electric scooter charger.

3. Replacement parts

Like any mode of transport, electric scooters might need a little TLC from time to time. Being prepared with essential replacement parts ensures that minor wear and tear doesn't put a halt to your riding escapades. From tires to brakes, having spare parts on hand means your scooter stays in peak condition.

Check out all of the electric scooter replacement parts

4. Customisable accessories

Elevate your scooter's aesthetic with an array of customisable accessories. Deck out your ride with colourful LED lights, stylish handlebar grips, or even a sleek phone mount for easy navigation. 

Find electric scooter accessories

5. Security measures for peace of mind

Safeguard your investment with top-notch security accessories. Invest in sturdy locks or anti-theft devices to ensure that your scooter stays where you left it. After all, peace of mind is the ultimate accessory.

6. Navigation gadgets

Turn your electric scooter into a smart ride with navigation gadgets. Mount your smartphone securely on your scooter, using GPS apps to explore new routes and never miss a turn. A navigation gadget not only adds a tech-savvy touch but also makes your journeys more convenient.

Happy scooting!

On Trade Me, the options are as diverse as your riding style, catering to both fresh enthusiasts and seasoned riders on a budget. Dive into the listings, scrutinise those product descriptions, tap into user reviews, and peek at those seller ratings – your perfect electric scooter is just a click away.

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