Best Apple Watches: NZ buying guide

If you’re wanting to streamline your life, we’ve put together an Apple watch guide to help you choose the best model.

Last updated: 19 February 2024

Imagine crushing your fitness goals and glancing at your wrist to see progress. With an Apple watch, there’s no more fumbling with your phone. Texts, calls, and notifications light up your wrist, making multitasking that much easier. Lost your phone? Ping it with a tap. Forgot a meeting? Your watch nudges you. It's not just a timepiece; it’s a health tracker, personal assistant, and instant connection to the digital world. So, if you’re wanting to streamline your life, we’ve put together an Apple watch buying guide to help you choose.

Best Apple watches

Let’s be real, any Apple Watch would be a dream to have. But buying the ‘best’ Apple Watch depends on you. Here are the top options:

1. Apple Watch Series 8 — newest model

The latest and greatest. Cutting-edge technology meets a revolutionary display, giving you a very holistic health tracking experience. 

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2. Apple Watch SE — budget-friendly

A great balance of powerful processing features — without breaking the bank. The SE caters to the pragmatist in you. 

Find Apple Watch SE options

3. Apple Watch Ultra — water resistant

For those who want to buy the pinnacle of Apple Watch capabilities, the Ultra promises an unmatched experience. Loved by swimmers, the Ultra is water-resistant and can track your metrics in the pool.  

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4. Apple Watch Series 7 — style statement

A perfect blend of style and substance. It has a large display that’s always on, showing you the time while being a statement on your wrist. 

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5. Apple Watch Series 3 — super reliable

The classic that still rocks. If you're after reliability and value, the Series 3 remains a favourite. 

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6. Apple Watch Series 6 — health guru

Packed with advanced health features, the Series 6 will be your daily wellness companion. 

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8. Apple Watch Series 5 — seamless navigation

With an ‘always-on’ display and a built-in compass, the Series 5 promises to always keep you on track.  

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An Apple Watch to suit your lifestyle

Looking for an Apple Watch that will suit your specific needs? We take a look at the best option for each lifestyle.

Super sporty

Looking for the perfect workout companion? Go for the Apple Watch Series 7 or SE which will track your fitness goals effortlessly. Pair it with sporty bands designed for comfort and flexibility, making sure it can keep up with your every move. The sporty Apple Watch bands not only add a pop of style but also provide durability during intense workouts. 

Shop Apple watches for sports. 

Busy parent

For those juggling life's chaos, an Apple Watch Series 6 or SE is your secret weapon. The long battery life and quick charging feature make these watches a parent's dream. Receive notifications seamlessly, stay organised, and be ready for anything parenthood throws your way. 

Browse Apple Watch Series 6.

Corporate powerhouse

Navigating the business world demands a polished image. Go for the Apple Watch Series 7 or 5 and make sure to add on a sleek screen protector to maintain that professional look. Seamlessly check notifications, attend meetings, and stay on top of your schedule without compromising on style. 

Check out Apple Watch Series 7.

Water lover

Dive into your water adventures with an Apple Watch Series 6 or Ultra, both water-resistant and pair it with a waterproof strap. Whether you're into swimming, surfing, or simply enjoying the beach, your Apple Watch stays secure and stylish. You’ll be going from the waves to a beachside gathering without missing a beat. 

Find waterproof Apple Watches.

Wellness warrior

The Apple Watch Series 6 or 5 are equipped with advanced health features, from ECG monitoring to sleep tracking. With one of these watches strapped to your wrist, you’ll never miss a step in achieving your health goals. 

Browse Apple Watches for blood pressure.

Apple Watch accessories

Once you’ve found your ideal Apple Watch, there’s a whole bunch of awesome accessories to make it even better.

Strap-up in style

Want to be able to switch up your look? From classic leather bands to vibrant sporty straps, we've got the perfect accessory to match your mood and outfit. 

See our range of Apple Watch straps

Power up with a good charger

Never run out of juice. Find a suitable charger to keep your device powered up throughout the day. Whether you prefer sleek wireless chargers or compact travel-friendly options, there’s a charging solution to fit your lifestyle.

Check out our Apple Watch charger listings. 

Guard your gadget

Keep your Apple Watch safe from scratches and scuffs with our selection of screen protectors. It's a small investment for long-term protection, making sure your device stays as sleek and pristine as the day you unboxed it.

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New vs used Apple Watches

Opting for a new device means you stay on the cutting edge of technology, enjoying the latest features, sleek designs, and warranty coverage. However, this comes at a higher cost, and the rapid depreciation of new models is worth considering. On the other hand, choosing a used Apple Watch offers significant cost savings. While you may miss out on the latest innovations, older models still provide essential features, often with a proven track record of reliability. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities, budget, and the importance of having the most up-to-date features on your wrist.

Browse our range of new vs used Apple Watches

Streamline your life

No more fumbling around looking for your phone when you hear a notification come through. With an Apple Watch, your wrist will light up with texts, calls, and notifications, completely streamlining your life. Whether you choose the latest model, a budget-friendly SE, or the water-resistant Ultra, Trade Me has everything you need.

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