Professional sellers

Our Top Seller Programme

Top Sellers who qualify are eligible for benefits and discounts.

Top Seller programme

Top Sellers save 15% on success fees as well as on some listing and promotional extras fees. Ping is only charged 1.65% (as opposed to 1.95%) of the total purchase price. 

If you qualify as a Top Seller, you are automatically enrolled into the programme and your savings are paid into your Trade Me account at the end of each day.

How to qualify

To qualify as a Top Seller you must:

  • be in trade
  • have had at least 60 sold items, or have made at least $10,000 in sales over the past six weeks
  • have a 98% or higher positive feedback rating
  • have a sell-through rate of at least 10% over the past six weeks. The sell-through rate is calculated by total purchases / (total purchases + total unsold listings).

Please note: each individual purchase that has its own reference number counts as a purchase. Only Marketplace listings count towards your Top Seller qualification criteria. 'Car parts & accessories' and 'Business, Farming & industry' are considered Marketplace categories.

What fees are included in the discount?

Top Sellers save 15% on success fees, high volume listing fees, Gallery, Feature, Feature Combo and Super Feature promotional extras and are only charged 1.65% (as opposed to 1.95%) of the total purchase price when receiving Ping payments.

How is the discount received?

Your savings are automatically paid into your Trade Me account as rebates at the end of each day. We’ll email you a weekly summary of your savings.

What are the benefits of being a Top Seller?

As well as the fee discounts above, Top Seller success fees are capped at $424.15 ($499 with a 15% rebate).

Plus you get a Top Seller label showing on your membership details page, Stores page and on all of your marketplace listings.

How do I remain a Top Seller?

You'll remain a Top Seller so long as you continue to meet the requirements.

We check your qualification every Monday, based on your last six calendar weeks of sales. You can view your Top Seller status from your My Trade Me page.

Do multiple-quantity listings (MQLs) count towards my sales?

Yes, multiple-quantity listings do count. Each purchase (whether this is one item or more than one) will count as one purchase toward your Top Seller status.

We will calculate any purchase on a multiple-quantity listing as a 100% sell-through rate. If you don't sell any items via your multiple-quantity listing, then the sell-through rate will be calculated as 0%.