TikTok made us buy it

These trending products are itching to jump onto our Trade Me watchlist.

Last updated: 12 June 2023

We get it, sometimes it’s just fun to go browsing on Trade Me to see what you can discover for your next online shopping session. If you don’t know where to start,ere are 10 products we're loving that are trending on our TikTok FYP…

1. AirPod Cleaning Tool

It might feel gross to admit, but you know you need one of these. It’s got all the bits-and-bobs that will fit in the crevices of your AirPods perfectly. It’s even got a little brush and a sponge!

2. Aerator Wine Dispenser

Make your wine taste that little bit better.

While we don’t claim to be wine connoisseurs, we are impressed by these aerator wine dispensers. We’re pretty sure this is trending on TikTok because they look cool, but aerating your wine does actually make your wine taste better – in half the time of a decanter. How good?

3. The ultimate travel backpack

This travel backpack has everything you need for your next adventure.

#TravelTok is popping off now that global adventures are back on the cards and this travel backpack has heaps of fantastic features. It’s the perfect size for a carry on (travelling on a budget, check) with enough room to keep everything you need for a weekend getaway. But that’s not the best part – this backpack has ALL the bells and whistles. It even has a USB charging port for your phone when you’ve taken too many pictures – all you need to do is pop in a power bank.

4. Hoka running shoes

Shave some time off your PB.

We recently fell into a ‘running tok’ rabbit hole and now we’ve been convinced that we should run a marathon. Another key takeaway from these videos is that we need Hokas. These are the holy grail running shoe – you can find the Clifton, Bondi and X series on Trade Me. Running not for you? Don’t worry, Crocs are back ‘in’ too.

5. Fingerprint Locks

Keep that nosy sibling out your stuff.

Kids won’t stay out of your room? Annoying siblings stealing your things? No worries, a fingerprint door lock will sort out the problem. BRB, just charging our door handle.

6. Wonder hanger

The ultimate space saver.

Too many clothes? Never. Maximise your wardrobe space with a Wonder Hanger. If you’re ready to fully commit to having an elite wardrobe, you could even use your Wonder Hanger to sort by outfit

7. Inkless thermal printer

Print your photos on the go.

This one’s pure magic – this mini printer connects to your device through Bluetooth and prints without any ink required. Its size makes it great for travel journals (check out Marston Moor’s range) or taking up minimal space on your desk at home.

8. Magnetic Key Holder

No more rushed room deconstructions while you search for your keys.

We know most of you are guilty of losing your keys on the regular – even if it’s just for a moment. Avoid that stomach dropping feeling by popping your keys on a handy magnetic key holder. Stick it up by the door and you’ll never lose them again. Hopefully…se them again. Hopefully….

9. Watermelon windmill

Perfect water cubes, every time.

Cube your watermelon in a matter of seconds with this handy kitchen gadget. Salads and fruit platters have never been easier! Need a dressing for that salad? Don’t worry, TikTok’s got that covered too with these press-to-measure vinegar and oil dispensers.

10. Chop-n-drop cutting board

Simple food prep is the name of the game.

It’s like having a Subway in your kitchen – and we’re totally here for it. Make food prep a breeze with this ‘chop-n-drop’ designed cutting board. You can even add in the grater attachment to put those carrots directly in your containers.

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