Professional sellers

5 top ways to grow online sales

Want to boost online sales into the stratosphere in 2023? Check out these hot tips for turbo-charging your sales!

1. Make shipping super-easy – or better still, free

With postage and courier delays not going away anytime soon, offering free shipping or making shipping easy is a huge drawcard for potential customers. 95% of Trade Me members want to know shopping costs upfront, so a smooth trade relies on setting up a smooth shopping experience.

Instead of providing a ballpark figure (or worse, not listing shipping costs at all), use Trade Me’s Book a courier service, Uber Connect or grab a quick and easy quote online. Make shipping simple and give potential buyers one more reason to shop with you – it really is all in the delivery!

2. Make your products look (and sound) amazing

In a tough market, great quality photographs and a compelling description can really help your products stand out from the crowd.

First, make it really easy for your items to be found by someone who wants them by using relevant, concise titles that include important keywords. Just make sure you triple-check for typos! When it comes to the description, start with the most important details like measurements, sizing, fabric, brand, colour, style model and make. Include any warranty details and your refund and return policy. 

As for photos, you don’t need to be a professional, but you do need to use clear, high-quality photos that are taken during the day where there is natural light. Choose a neutral background with plenty of space around it – a pattern or texture like metal or wood can work wonders. Take photos from different angles, and be sure to show any flaws or imperfections – it’s the honest thing to do, and some buyers actually want second-hand.

3. Make your online listing stand out 

Here are two smart ways to give your online listing the edge.

First, consider becoming a Trade Me Store, a marketing tool that gives you a distinct presence and helps increase brand awareness – at a fraction of the cost of developing and promoting your own website. It helps build trust with your buyers, because they can see straight away that you’re a professional seller.

Secondly, did you know you can increase your listing views by 50%* via Google Shopping - a free way to increase sales and grow your business? Google Shopping allows your buyers to search for items on Google and compare them to different sellers, increasing site visits. Download the google shopping guide or watch our 3 min video to ensure your listings have the best chance of being approved to appear on Trade Me’s Google Shopping feed.

4. Make your customer experience flawless

The need for building trust with your buyers has never been greater – especially online. They need to know that the item they’re looking at on a screen will be the same when it appears on their doorstep. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Research. Taking the time to research similar listings should give you an idea of competition and buyer expectations. Free shipping or an appealing Buy Now could make all the difference.

  • A your Qs. Remember that if one buyer asks a question, chances are there are others wanting to know the same thing. Answering questions quickly builds a rapport with the interested member, and  it shows you're readily available and ready to sell which sets you up as a trusted seller they want to buy from.

  • Care about your buyers. Make every sale a great one and you’ll receive quality, genuine feedback. Sellers with good feedback gain buyers’ trust, which inspire quicker sales. Communication is key, communicate on all aspects of the process will help ensure great feedback. Make sure you’re giving feedback too!

5. Make it a great local story

You probably can’t compete with the big guys when it comes to price or range, so why not dial up the local side of your business? Whether it’s your eco-friendliness, your support of community projects, or just your individual personality and passion, customers love to support local businesses.

People also understand that buying from a local Kiwi business isn’t the same as buying from Amazon, so they’ll give you a break if things happen to go less-than-smoothly.