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Best Peugeot Cars Available in NZ: Buying Guide

Peugeot is a well known brand because at one point in time, it was the best selling European car maker in the NZ market.

Last updated: 9 May 2024

Peugeot isn't the biggest player in New Zealand. But it’s a well known brand because at one point in time, it was the best selling European car maker here. Being a French company, its offerings are Eurocentric with smaller cars and SUVs being its forte. Its models therefore tend to be fuel efficient though its range of turbopetrol engines deliver well on the grunt front. Peugeot also has a few electric options in its range, and a plug-in hybrid too.

Peugeot has a wide network of dealers and service centres covering New Zealand from Whangarei to Dunedin. Buyers of new Peugeots are covered by a five-year, 100,000 km warranty and also enjoy roadside assistance should anything happen when tripping around.

Peugeot offers fixed price service plans with its vehicles, covering you for three years and 45,000 kms. It's a good thing to tack on to your purchase to sort your maintenance needs.

What's the best small Peugeot?

There's essentially two to choose from; the five-door hatch 208 or the slightly larger 2008 SUV. The 208 starts at $41,990 for the petrol model, which is toward the more expensive end of the small car market.

This has a distinctive design, particularly from the front with its three claw LED headlights. It has some nifty features too like a panoramic roof, sports seats with Alcantara trim and 17-inch diamond cut alloys.

Inside there is Peugeot’s 3D i-cockpit which puts the digital instruments above the small steering wheel, giving it a unique driving position. There's a large 10-inch touchscreen along with a few toggle switches to simplify operations. There's the usual connectivity, USB charge points while the driver assist features include active safety braking, parking aids, and blind spot monitoring.

The petrol engine delivers 96kW but it’s the 230Nm of torque that makes it a good drive. Helped by a six-speed auto, it is relatively fuel efficient too.

The electric 208 option has more power and torque, and a range of up to 380km on a charge, but it starts at $67,000, so is too expensive to recommend (though deals on demonstrator stock can see you get into an e208 from $49,990).

The 208 is a small car at just over 4m in length while there's 311L of boot space. Rear accommodations are a little tight, as to be expected of a small five door.

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Want something a bit bigger? Opt for the 2008. This has the same engine but an eight-speed auto helps trim fuel consumption. Being a little longer at 4.3m, there is a tad more interior space and up to 434L of cargo room in the boot. Specification is similar to the 208 but it’s a bit more expensive, the base model starting at $44,990. There is also a new electric version coming at the end of the year.

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Does Peugeot do a good hatchback?

If you're a fan of the traditional hatchback, you’ll like the 308, which starts from $48,990 for the entry level Allure. The more highly specified GT is $53,990 and at present you can get good deals on the plug-in hybrid version, which is $59,990, saving you many thousands. This gets you a more powerful powertrain as the petrol and electric motor combine to offer 165kW. There’s also the ability to run up to 60km on electric power alone.

The 308 wears Peugeot’s latest design language with its stylish front end and inside there's a more up-to-the-minute interior with a configurable 10-inch high-def central touchscreen. This comes with a lot more connectivity, voice control and 3D navigation. Being Peugeot's latest model, it also has the most up-to-date versions of driver assistance with better features. The interior quality is much improved over previous 308 models too.

While it's a bigger car than the 208, it’s still compact at 4.3m long while fitting four adults in more comfort. In the boot you'll find 412L of luggage space, although there’s a little less for the hybrid which has a battery pack under the floor. The 308 is Peugeot’s best driving car at present with a fine mix of ride and handling and great steering.

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What about a bigger Peugeot SUV?

The biggest Peugeot is the 5008, which has seven seats. This is currently on special too because a new model is just around the corner. This we’d wait for as an all-electric version is coming too.

The other SUV is the 3008. This is a mid-size five seater, the range starting with the Active at $46,990 while the mid-spec Allure is $53,990. These get a 121kW 1.6T with a six-speed auto, consumption rated at 7.8L/100km. There are higher grade GT models, but better to stick with the Allure. All 3008s are front-wheel drive while they can tow up to a maximum of 1550kg. It's a compact thing at 4.4m long, it has a city friendly turning circle and 520L of boot space. The 3008 drives well too, with Peugeot’s usual attention to chassis tuning delivering a comfortable ride quality. Like the exterior design, the interior styling is not the usual, it being interesting while retaining a sense of practicality.

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