Buying guide

Buying cars from different regions of New Zealand

There are lots of vehicles in New Zealand – just because a car is in a different city, doesn’t mean you can’t buy it.

There are lots of vehicles in New Zealand – just because a car is in a different city, doesn’t mean you can’t buy it. If you’ve found your perfect car but it’s away from home, you can still check it out before buying and easily pick it up with our tips!

How to inspect from a different city

Asking for detailed information from the seller is a good first step. Request photos of the registration and Warrant of Fitness (WoF), as well as any service papers. You can also ask the seller to get a pre-purchase inspection from a VTNZ in their area. This will show you what the car has passed and failed.

You can also arrange for a mobile inspection unit to go and check the car so the owner doesn’t need to be involved. Lastly, we highly suggest getting a Vehicle Information Report (VIR) from MotorWeb to make sure all your bases are covered. If buying the vehicle from a dealer you’re protected by the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.

How to get your new car home

Now that you’re happy with the results of your vehicle inspection, it’s time to think about options for getting your new car home. Your best bet is likely to be one of the following:

Transporting from a car dealer

Dealers are usually open to transporting cars to you. They have a few methods of doing this, such as contracts with transport companies and private drivers that can get the car from point A to B. Some dealers may even include free shipping in order to close the deal with you, or if you’re travelling to pick up the car they will include a free full tank of gas. Make sure to bring this up with your dealer and see if you can get any shipping bonuses out of them.

Vehicle transporters

Using a vehicle transporter can be a quick and stress-free way of getting your new ride home. There are many nationwide delivery networks that are able to transport your car and bike purchases. To secure the most competitive price, make sure you get a few quotes before booking with any courier. Also note, most transport services require the vehicle to be in running condition so it can be driven onto the transporter.

Fly and drive

If time isn't a constraint, the easiest option may be to find a cheap fare, fly to the nearest airport, and (if it's a private seller) get the owner to meet you in the area and then drive home. An added bonus to this option: a road trip and the joys of a long drive in New Zealand!

Meeting halfway

It's always worth checking if the seller will meet you halfway. Traders between Wellington and Auckland will often meet at Turangi to exchange payment and paperwork. All you need is a willing friend to give you a lift there.

Buying a car from anywhere in New Zealand should be a smooth, pleasant experience and hopefully you now have the confidence to open up your car search nationwide. Doing so will lead to a far bigger and better number of options. Unsure where to start with finding car dealers across our lovely land? Check out the Trade Me Dealership directory and our tips for getting the most out of it.