Trade Me’s top motors listings for 2021

Off-road vehicles dominate Trade Me's top 10 motors listings of 2021.

Off-road vehicles have a special place in Kiwis’ hearts, so it was no surprise to see them dominate our top 10 motors listings of 2021.

This year a Land Cruiser that lived a former life in the Antarctic, a red ute belonging to Labour’s Kieran McAnulty, and a ‘hoonigan’ grabbed the country’s attention and took out the top three spots.

‘T7’ Antarctic explorer

Our most viewed motor of 2021 was a 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser straight from New Zealand’s Antarctic research facility in Scott Base.

After two decades of transporting people and cargo in Antarctica, this ice shelf explorer was finally ready to retire in a warmer climate. The vehicle clocked up 112,209 views and sold for $40,200 in February.

Labour Wairarapa MP Kieran McAnulty’s red 1997 Mazda B2500

Kieran McAnulty’s red ute

In a bid to reduce his carbon footprint, Labour MP Kieran McAnulty decided to cash in his iconic red ute for a new plug in hybrid SUV in September.

He popped the ute onsite and it was a hit with Kiwis, in part due to its colourful history. We know our members love a story, and McAnulty delivered, sharing that in 2016 he caught a car thief attempting to hotwire his beloved car. Our PM Jacinda Ardern even rode shotgun on a roady during the 2020 election.

The ute sold for $3,400 and all proceeds were donated to the Rural Support Trust. It was viewed 113,812 times.

1986 Honda City takes to the dirt with mountain bikes propped up in the DIY truck bed.


Two Kiwis took DIY to the next level with their creation “hoonigan” - a bright yellow two door 1986 Honda City.

The sellers chopped out the back seats and added quad tires, because, why buy a ute when you can make one yourself?

The car looks like trouble and a whole lot of fun. Racking up 91,305 views, the “Hoonigan” sold for $2,500, despite not being deemed roadworthy.

Silver jet boat floats with RB30/26 Nissan Skyline car engine exposed under the engine cover

Car-powered jet boat

With 43,596 views and an asking price of $80,000 this jet boat was one sleek machine. It was fitted out with a RB30/26 Nissan Skyline car engine with 914-horsepower, one of the most popular engines in the Japanese car scene.

The seller spent over 10 years perfecting this labour of love. Look out for this one jetting around our coastlines this summer, but be careful - blink and you’ll miss it!

Bright orange 2016 Ford Ranger Xlt

Orange Ford Ranger

If McAnulty’s red ute and the bright yellow ‘hoonigan’ didn’t rev your engine this bright orange 2016 Ford Ranger Xlt might be the one for you.

Imported from across the ditch, the Australian beauty had a full orange wrap and paint job including an orange window tint, custom mag wheels measuring 33” and a custom LED bar to light up the night.

This orange showstopper was the talking point for 40,902 Kiwis this year with an asking price of $47,500.

The top ten most popular listings on Trade Me Motors 2021

1. ‘T7’ Antarctic explorer 

2. Kieran McAnulty’s red Labour ute 

3. 1973 Mazda RX3 Super Deluxe 

4. 1986 Honda City 'hoonigan' 

5. 1999 Bakewell-White RHIB Police 

6. 1971 Holden Monaro LS Coup 

7. 1981 Nissan Skyline Hgc 211 

8. Jet Boat RB30 Skyline Powered 

9. 1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V 

10. Bright orange 2016 Ford Ranger Xlt