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Which car best suits your personality?

For perfect harmony, a car needs to match its driver. Let's look at what car will best suit your personality type.

The car we drive is not only a huge financial investment but a place where we spend vast amounts of time. As such, you need to think beyond standard practical considerations for your vehicle and find a car that’s in complete harmony with your character and lifestyle. It’s time to look inside yourself and consider who you truly are, then you can find the perfect car to suit your personality. Spoiler alert: things are about to get meta.

Let’s talk about you

If we’re going to do this right, we need to be honest with each other and uncover the real you. Let’s look at some key personality traits and match them to suitable car types. So, are you:

A practical person

This tag can be applied to lots of us, but some folks are definitely more practically minded than others. When it comes to your life, are you all about getting things done in the most straight-forward and effective manner possible? Are you less about style and more about substance? If you’re a super practical personality type, you want a car that’s going to get you from A to B with minimal fuss, maximum effectiveness.

Practical car options: Ford Focus, Honda Civic, VW Golf.

A brash and bold person

You’re confident, you’re outgoing, you want the world to know you exist and to stamp your mark on it. You live a life rich in personal expression and audacious endeavour. If this sounds a lot like you – dull, generic vehicles aren't going to cut it and you’re going to want a car that reflects your character and confidence. Be daring, be dazzling and drive with attitude...within the limits of the law!

Bold car options: Mazda MX-5, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Ford Mustang.

A subtle, discrete character

You don’t like much in the way of fuss and being the centre of attention is your idea of hell. You have a sense of decorum and quiet, stoic integrity. Life is best enjoyed by you when you’re going under the radar, getting things done on your own terms. If this description encapsulates you, a canary yellow Ford Mustang would seem like a very poor match – you want a car as discrete and low-key as you are.

Subtle car options: Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris, Holden Barina.

A forward-thinking person

You enjoy the present but always have one eye on the future. You like to know what’s just around the corner, literally and hypothetically, and are always ready to adapt, change and evolve. It’s important to you that you’re ahead of the curve and prepared for all of life's twists and turns. You need a car that’s as future proofed as everything else in your universe, so you can stride forward together, boldly. Your car needs to represent one small step for man (or woman), one giant leap for mankind.

Forward-thinking car options: Nissan Leaf, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Tesla Model S.

A tough cookie

We’re not saying you’re rough, we’re not suggesting you’re gruff, but we are agreeing that you’re one tough cookie. You could play as a prop for the Crusaders, ace an Ironman Triathlon or hold your own in the world of mixed martial arts. You live a life dominated by hard-as-nails pursuits and want a car that’s up for the physical challenge that comes as standard under your ownership.

Tough car options: Ford Ranger Raptor, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser.

A quirky, kooky kind of character

Nobody is suggesting you’re weird, but we appreciate that you walk your own path and stray outside of convention. You’re a little bit kitsch, with a dash of geek-chic and, as far as we’re concerned, this makes you très magnifique. Your car is an extension of your uniqueness and should reflect the individual within. You need something colourful, something characterful and, most of all, something outside of the ‘usual’.

Quirky car options: Fiat 500, VW Beetle, Nissan Juke.

A vain, superficial sort

You’re so vain you probably think this article is about you, but that’s fine as it actually is – it’s about every kind of driver in NZ. Looks matter to you and beauty isn’t optional...it’s an utter necessity. You like to be noticed, enjoy the finer things in life and are surrounded by sleek, sexy sophistication. Even your pet pooch is groomed to within an inch of their life. Your car has to look the part and showcase you in the manner you demand and deserve.

Vain car options: Aston Martin DB7, Mercedes Benz S Class, BMW 2030i.

A sporty, adventurous person

You’re crackers about kayaking, a surf loving sensation-seeker, and someone for whom the world is one big adventure playground. If there are thrills to be had, you’re going to find them, and if the opportunity for a spot of touch rugby comes along on the way, you’ll be the first player on the pitch. Your car has to be sporty, speedy, and ready for anything you throw its way. Life isn’t about the destination for you, it's all about the journey.

Adventurous car options: Nissan Pathfinder, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Hilux.

A family-focused person

For you, family is everything. Every decision you make, every cake you bake, every breath you take is geared towards the needs of your brood. You want to keep them safe, make them happy and live your best lives together. In your world, cars are all about road-trips, getting the kids to school, picking up the groceries, and carrying Cleo, the family puss, to the cattery. Sure, one day they’re all going to flee the nest, but you’ll transport them safely under your wing in the meantime.

Family car options: Toyota RAV4, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sportage.

Whoever you are…

...and whatever car you drive, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Check out our feature articles, car reviews, and buying and selling advice for all the help you need as you travel on life’s journey.