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5 expert tips to kick-start your real estate career

Focus on these key areas to hone your skills and achieve success as a recognised agent.

Starting a new career is never easy, but with the right guidance and a little bit of hard work, you can achieve success and maximise your earning potential. Jess Shane, an expert Sales Consultant at Harcourts Grenadier in Ferrymead, has roots in the hairdressing industry where she progressed quickly into management roles by the age of 22. Prior to stepping into her role as a Sales Consultant, she was also a Business Development Manager at Harcourts. Jess says focusing on these key areas will help you hone your skills and achieve success as a recognised agent: 

1. The right agency 

You may be tempted to take the first job offer you get, however Jess recommends taking your time when choosing your agency. “Choose an agency that provides world class training and incentives and make sure the office culture works for you, you are going to be spending a lot more time at work,” says Jess. Ensuring you surround yourself with colleagues who believe in you more than you believe in yourself will make the tough days more bearable. The right agency will align with your personal and professional values and be the driving force behind your brand. Choosing an agency that aligns with your core values will ensure you can lean on their success in the market place before you have your own. 

2. Networking 

Focus on building solid relationships with clients, co-workers and mentors. Take an interest in their lives and remember the key details so they see you as someone who is trustworthy, reliable and knows how to get the job done. Utilise your existing networks to promote yourself. According to Jess, a warm referral is the most effective way to do business - and ensure you thank your referrers everytime. 

3. Brand building 

What makes you, you? How do you want your clients to feel when they think of you? Make yourself consistent, memorable and most importantly genuine. Find your point of difference, trying to be better often goes unnoticed but being different will help you stand out from the crowd. Remember that everyone is unique and avoid comparing yourself to other agents; instead, use them as an example to gather inspiration in building your own brand. 

4. Growth mindset 

“Take every opportunity you are given,” says Jess, learn as much as possible about every aspect of the real estate industry; be as busy as possible, send mailers, and help with open homes, no task is too big or too small. In any industry continuing to work on yourself is key, this includes professional development such as keeping up with current standards and regulations but also extends to your personal development. Taking time to work on yourself personally will make you a valuable asset to any team. 

5. Self care 

Real estate can be an all-consuming industry so at the end of the day, don’t forget to look after yourself too. Aside from the great advice Jess has given about achieving professional success, she emphasises that booking your time off is as important as locking in business meetings and growing your brand. Checking in with yourself on a regular basis will establish a good work life balance so you can be successful in all areas and maintain your passion in a demanding and fast-paced environment. 

These key points combined will help you build a solid foundation to kick off your real estate career so you can hit the ground running.