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5 ways to keep customers engaged during the holiday season

Stay front of mind with potential vendors over the holiday season.

Don’t miss out on listings from vendors looking to sell their property in the new year. In the previous year, we saw an uplift of 30% more listings in January compared to December. Keep your customers engaged and ensure you are top of mind over the holiday season with these simple tips. 

1. Give back 

The holiday season is an especially good time to give back to the community and show thanks for their support, particularly after the tough year we’ve had with many people experiencing hardship through extended Covid-19 restrictions. You could donate your time and help volunteer for a local charity, whether that's helping to plant native trees in parks around your neighbourhood, or making school lunches at charities such as Eat My Lunch. Other ideas include donating food to local food banks or raising money for those most in need in your community. If your specialised area is largely family-based, sponsoring school events would be another genuine way to show your gratitude, whilst making yourself familiar to your local community and staying top of mind when your services are needed. 

2. Make it a family affair 

The holiday season is a time for families to get together, what better way to get everyone involved than to run some family-friendly competitions. You could get your customers to share photos of their decorated Christmas trees, or encourage their children to complete Christmas themed colouring-in templates, and give away prizes to the best entries. Depending on the competition your prizes could be anything from a Christmas hamper for the whole family to enjoy, to a donation to a charity or local school of their choice, so that your customers can be involved in the giving back too! 

3. ‘Tis the gifting season 

Out of time? Skip the giveaways and pick up Christmas gifts for your key customers. An artisan gourmet gift box or a bottle of wine could go a long way - it’s more than enough to let your customers know they’re still on your mind and keep you on theirs. 

4. Get creative with your communications 

Monthly email newsletters may already be part of your routine, but don’t be afraid to spice it up a little this holiday season and get creative with them. Besides adding Christmas-themed visual elements to your newsletters, you could also make it a fun read by adding useful content, such as tips on decorating your home for Christmas or where to get the best Christmas tree. 

5. A personal touch 

Being in the real estate industry can sometimes mean working seven days a week. If you’re time-poor like most agents are, don’t be afraid to stick to the old-fashioned phone call or email. You don’t have to talk about work, simply get in touch with your key customers and let them know you’re available for them. If you want to make more of an impact, but gifts are outside of your budget, why not send Christmas cards to your key customers? A handwritten card can provide just the right amount of personal touch without breaking the bank, and if you’re lucky, it’ll sit in their house and remind them to get in touch next time they need your advice or service. 


*Trade Me Property site statistics, new listings added to site, December 2020 compared to January 2021