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From relisting a property to changing suburb.

Relisting a property

When you have a listing in your feed provider application and it’s expiring on Trade Me Property you’ll have the option to List (Publish, Send) or Relist to ensure it stays on site. 

Listing: This publishes a new listing with a new Trade Me Listing ID. This will always incur a charge. 

Relisting: This extends your listing, adding additional time to the end date and will also create a new Trade Me Listing ID. This will not incur a charge provided that the listing has not been off site for more than 45 days. 

It is possible for the agency reference (different to the Trade Me Listing ID) to be applied to any listing, even if the Trade Me Listing ID has changed. 

Unfortunately, it is against our terms and conditions to create a new listing to renew the start date. This artificially elevates the property and is misleading to customers and unfair for competitors. 

If the original listing was upgraded to a feature, you will not be charged again for featuring a relisted property.

Changing listing categories

If you notice you have listed in the wrong category there is no need to panic. If you discover this within the first few hours of the listing being made live simply list the property again in the correct category and then withdraw the incorrect one, the fees will automatically balance out. Otherwise, after the first few hours email our Customer Support team with the new and old Trade Me Listing ID (the ten-digit reference found at the bottom of the listing). We will then ensure you aren't charged again for the base listing and discuss any possible package renewal fees with you.

Changing listing suburb

The listing suburb can only be changed within the first 14 days of the listing being live on Trade Me. If you need to change the suburb please contact our Customer Support team.

Requesting new suburbs

If a suburb you want to list in is not available on Trade Me you can request it to be created with our Customer Support Team. Please note that we will cross check your request with the NZ Post Website and Google Maps before creating a new suburb. 

Once a new suburb has been created your feed provider will also require an update from their end to make it available in their system. Trade Me Property sends them an update of newly created suburbs in the beginning every month.

Moving listings between agencies

If an agency is purchased by another agency, or purchases another agency, they will want their inventory to be listed under the relevant account. This way, all editing ability, and branding is with the correct company. 

The company who receives these new listings will need to publish them as new listings and supply Trade Me with the Trade Me Listing ID (the ten-digit reference found at the bottom of the listing) of the original listings, and the new listings. Trade Me will then ensure any relevant packages are added, watchlists and views amended, and that the agency isn’t charged again for these listings.

Change of Ownership

If your NZBN or Legal Entity has changed or you have sold your business please let us know so we can update your data from our end.

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