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The listing is not appearing on Trade Me or is not updating

If you are using a feed provider, unfortunately, we can't see why from our end what is preventing your listing from feeding through or updating on Trade Me Property. Please check the Formatting Rules ​for help, otherwise please speak to your feed provider.

Photos are not appearing correctly

The reason why these photos aren't appearing correctly is that they've been loaded in your feed provider for too long. In order to remedy this, you'll need to completely remove the photos from your system and re-upload them.

Editing listing descriptions

You'll need to edit the listing description via your feed provider. Any changes made to the listing by us will revert back the next time your feed provider updates the listing. Alternatively, you can log in to your Trade Me Property account and manually make the required changes to a listing. 

Our Customer Support team can remove any RV data from the listing, including “Estimates Nearby” and “Recent QV sales”. Send them an email and we will make these changes for you.

The property isn’t sitting within the correct price range

If you enter a range via your feed provider this range feeds through to Trade Me Property as the “expected sale price” - a single figure. Your Feed provider determines the exact figure of that expected sale price. 

The property will therefore show up in ANY search on site that includes the expected sale price. 

We recommend having a chat to your feed provider to determine how they determine the expected sale price.

Embedded content links aren’t working

You will need to use the following formats to upload Youtube and Matterport links via your feed provider:

How to switch feed providers

Please contact our Customer Support team one week prior to switching feed providers to allow them to set some time aside to action the changes.

When you're ready to switch feed providers you need to relist all listings through your new CRM. After that, please send a spreadsheet with all old and new Trade Me listing IDs (10 digit number listed at the bottom of the listing page or behind the last dash in your listing URL) to our Customer Support team.

They'll then revert the start date on the new listings to match your old ones and withdraw the old listings. They'll also reapply all depth products on the new listings and waive the fees to ensure you aren’t double charged.

You've now successfully switched your feed provider.

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