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Grow your real estate business with content marketing

Some ideas to get you started.

Content marketing involves creating content about topics your current and prospective clients would be interested in — think articles, e-books, infographics or videos, for example. It’s about becoming a broader resource for information during their property journey. 

Whether it’s to solve a problem, inspire, or to educate, relevant content can be used effectively to build trust in your brand and position you as a market authority. Think of it as a way to provide value, and as a result, attract new prospects who you can nurture. 

Online research is such a vital tool in the home buying and selling process, make sure it’s your content a prospect is reading and not the competitions. Here are some ideas to help get you started: 

Idea 1: Answers to customer questions 

Consider the number of times each week you answer a general question about real estate, or even one specific to your area, for a prospect or vendor. These questions are golden opportunities. It's just a matter of noting them down and refining the answer into a useful blog or social post. 

You have a wealth of practical knowledge, on everything from the value particular renovations might add to the best schools in the area, meaning you can provide useful answers to the burning questions. 

Idea 2: Client stories 

Everyone loves a success story, and by offering a real-life account of the home buying and selling process, you can show that you understand the vendor’s perspective and the challenges they face. Client testimonials are invaluable, showing that people endorse your services is another way to help build trust.   

With people leaning more and more towards peer to peer recommendations, rather than conventional advertising, testimonials have become an incredibly powerful way of influencing others. 

Idea 3: Neighborhood overviews 

“So what’s the neighborhood like?” can be a typical question from home buyers in areas they’re unfamiliar with, and this gives you an ideal opportunity to highlight your knowledge of the communities that you know best. 

Let them know what’s notable and unique about the suburbs and regions you work in. This can be anything from demographics of the residents (e.g. popular with young families), to the entertainment (e.g. regular farmers markets or food truck evenings etc.), to market specific insights (e.g. house values have been increasing by X% annually). 

Consider ways to communicate this in a way that aligns with your personal brand, could you create a fun video interviewing some locals, for example. 

Idea 4: No idea is a new idea 

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