Trade Me tools bundling

Everything you need to know about bundling.

1. How does my listing get on

Residential for sale listings will be published on automatically. Any listings that are created or edited on Trade Me from the date of the integration will be published on

2. What if I don't want my listing on

Offices can opt-out of having all their listings published on by contacting the Trade Me Customer Support team. Individual listings cannot be opted out from being published on if the office is opted-in. When the listing is withdrawn from Trade Me it will be withdrawn from

3. What if my listing is already on

If you make an edit to your Trade Me listing, this will automatically trigger a replacement of your existing Homes listings with the corresponding Trade Me listing. From then on, any listing edits will only need to be made to your Trade Me listing and will automatically get passed on to Homes

4. Who do I contact if I have an issue with my listing on

If you have any issues with listing specific information, feel free to touch base with our Support Teams. Any information changes you make to a listing on Trade Me, will also reflect through to

  • Trade Me - (or contact 0800 866 266)

If you have an issue with your property HomesEstimate you will need to contact the support team. Please get in touch with the Homes support team at

  • - (or contact 04 586 5900)

5. How do I object to my HomesEstimate on

If you have carried out an appraisal/CMA, you can upload it to Homes to update the HomesEstimates displayed on Homes and on your Trade Me listing. You must declare that you have written permission from the vendor, and are following the REA guidelines, before uploading the CMA.

For more info, refer to

Note: You must have an account registered with Please get in touch with the Homes support team at to register.

6. What if I want to remove Homes information from my Trade Me listing?

We want to provide information that helps people be more informed about property in New Zealand. We believe the HomesEstimates help this and for transparency, we don’t remove them from individual properties. It’s important to remember that these estimates are a starting point for research on a property's value and are not a formal valuation.

However, if you believe the estimates are genuinely incorrect, please get in touch with the Homes support team at