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Learn in 60 seconds: Jason Hussey’s leadership lessons

Industry Relations Manager Jason Hussey shares his key lessons from our inaugural Leadership Summit.

You’re likely already familiar with industry veteran Jason Hussey - but for those of you he’s yet to buy a beer for, he’s Trade Me Property’s Head of Industry (and you should absolutely email him and ask when he’s taking you out).

He recently helmed Trade Me Property’s first-ever Leadership Summit. Here, he shares some of the top tips he learnt...

In December we held the first-ever Trade Me Property Leadership Summit. It was a transformative experience, immersing me in a dynamic environment that fostered professional growth.

The summit featured an array of influential speakers, each sharing invaluable insights on leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking. Engaging keynote presentations provided the group with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary leadership challenges and solutions.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from the property titans who spoke, and the event itself…

1. Networking leads to growth

When you see people from different parts of the country and different real estate companies all sharing ideas and strategies you know an event is having an impact. From the conversations I heard, it became clearer than ever for me that, in this business, networking with other realtors is key to building knowledge and developing our skills and value in the market.

2. Problems get solved more effectively and efficiently with brainstorming

Michael Sheagold was our anchor presenter and Michael has a real knack for prising things out of audiences. He posed some really key challenges to the group and got everyone talking and thinking about how these could be solved. Having the group address some of the common challenges we face had the effect of many hands making light work. Bringing shared problems to your office or team is a tactic that will likely yield some great creative solutions.

3. Adaptive leadership is the way forward

Michael introduced the concept of the circle of influence, and we learnt that the best way forward is to put our focus on the things we can directly control while also becoming comfortable with letting the things that are outside our control not dominate our time.

4. The trick to making the best decisions

Michael shared his 90 day plan template that covers everything a real estate business needs to consider when planning their next quarter. It was a simple template that covered the delivery of learning and development, leadership direction as well as goals for the business. While only those in attendance were lucky enough to receive this specific template, the notion of ensuring clear deadlines and deliverables; and having check-ins every quarter is an easy and effective idea to implement.

5. An empowered team leads to a happy office and happy bottom line

An easy step to creating an empowered team is to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are. Speaker Carey Smith, Executive Chairman of Ray White, went through the live board he created to give his team visibility over what everyone's roles are and really highlight the expectation. He said empowering his team in this way has added real value.

Overall, the two-day leadership summit proved to be a real success and left our attendees with plenty to take away and use within their businesses.