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Needing to explain the new Government Housing Policies to vendors?

Three digestible summaries that will help your vendors easily understand the upcoming changes to the NZ property market.

New parties means new policies; which in turn can create a feeling of confusion or uncertainty for Kiwi looking to buy and sell. To assist, Trade Me has developed three digestible articles to help your clients (and potential clients) unpack the different areas of the new Government policies.

We hope you sharing the articles below may help increase their confidence and understanding with the upcoming changes.

National Housing Policies: Foreign buyers tax

What sellers in the $2 million-plus property market need to know.

National Housing Policies: Growing our rental market

The National-led Government is attempting to boost Aotearoa New Zealand’s rental market - we lay out what this means for current/future landlords and renters.

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National Housing Policies: Going for housing growth

In the first 100 days in power, the National-led Government will be introducing the Going for Housing Growth policy. This is what those looking to build new need to know.

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