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Everything you need to know about OneHub.

What is OneHub?

OneHub is an agent platform brought to you by Trade Me Property. It’s designed to help agents like you build an online profile and promoting your personal brand. OneHub provides you with professional marketing reports that are easy to download or print. You’ll also gain additional insights about your listings, making it easy for you to keep your vendors and teams up to date.

Who can use OneHub?

OneHub is for New Zealand real estate agents and you can only register an Agent account if you have a valid REA number. 

Administrative staff can create a OneHub Admin account that gives them access to multiple agents’ accounts that have been shared with them.

How do I create an agent profile?

Set up a Trade Me Account - If you already have a personal account, you can use the same email for creating your OneHub profile as this is only used for login purposes. This email address will not appear anywhere else. You can enter your agent email address into your profile for vendor enquiries later on. 

Go to and click ‘Get Started’ > Agent account 

Set up your profile. Once 100% of ‘The Basics’ are filled out, then a notification will pop-up asking you to Activate Profile. Basics that are required include: 

  • Name & Photo
  • REA licence & office details 
  • Areas you service 
  • Contact details 
  • Career & bio 

Once your profile is activated, your account will go live under the Find an Agent tab and listings will automatically appear on your OneHub profile. To ensure your listings populate, your name and office details must identically match your listings (including capital letters).

Watch this video to learn how to set up your Onehub Account correctly with additional information on how to download vendor reports and claim sold properties.

If I log in with my personal Trade Me account will any of my personal buying or selling information be visible?

Any personal buying or selling history will not be visible if you use your personal Trade Me account details for your OneHub account. 

You can update your contact email address within OneHub to your work email address, as this is the email we will use to communicate with you about OneHub and forward any enquiries from your Agent Profile.

What’s the difference between an Agent and Admin account?

An Agent account lets you create an Agent Profile, view all current listings you have on Trade Me Property, access listing insights and create marketing reports. 

An OneHub Admin account gives administrative staff and personal assistants the ability to manage and access multiple agents' accounts with ease under one Admin account.

What can I do in an OneHub Agent account?

  • View, edit, and manage any part of your account. 
  • Invite those with an OneHub Admin account to access and help manage your account. 
  • See the list of users who have access to your account.

What can I do on an OneHub Admin Account

  • Request access to an Agent account. The agent must accept this request before you have access. 
  • View, edit, and manage any part of an Agent account that you have access to. 
  • You won’t be able to see the agent’s connections page, which displays users who have access to their Agent account.

My listings aren’t linked into my OneHub profile

In order for your listings to link through to your Onehub profile, you will need to make sure that your name and office details are identical on OneHub to what is showing on your listings. 

This will require you to look carefully at the difference between your name and office details on a listing vs your profile.

How to generate Marketing Reports in OneHub

1. Log into OneHub and click on reports on the Menu on the left.

2. Select an address and Date range you want to run the report for. 

3. Click download to generate and download the report.

As a Trade Me partner, you get access to exclusive data from New Zealand's leading property portal.

  • Use the Market Insights Report to discuss market trends with vendors and keep your database up-to-date.
  • The Pre-List Report is useful for sharing vital data tailored to the vendor's property type.

By leveraging this info, you enhance your trusted advisor status and increase your chances of winning more listings.

Watch this video to learn how to how to use the Market Insights & Prelist Reports.

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