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OneHub by Trade Me

Build your own agent profile, gain more insights about your vendors' listings and create professional marketing reports.

OneHub is an agent platform, designed to help agents like you build an online profile and promote your personal brand to New Zealand’s most active and engaged property audience*. 

Here are some of the things you can use OneHub for:

Agent Profile Builder 

Use OneHub to create and manage your own agent profile on Trade Me Property. 

Use your agent profile to showcase your recent sales, current listings, key achievements and personality.

Marketing Report Generator 

Generate instant reports about your listings when you need them and impress your vendors with information that is rich and insightful.

Data Insights 

Data is changing the way we think about property marketing. With OneHub's data insights you’ll be able to set yourself apart with easy access to a new level of reporting and analytics.

OneHub gives you access to helpful information about your prospective buyers – right down to what region and district they live in. 

Admin Access 

OneHub Admin access makes life easy for office administrators and personal assistants.

With an Admin account, you can manage your team's agent profiles, collate information about their listings, and create marketing reports on their behalf.

*Trade Me site statistics 01 - 30 September 2020