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Partner office profile

How to update your office profile.

Increase your exposure further with your Partner office profile

We’ve maximised your brand exposure by creating office profiles for Partners. These are promoted within your property listings pages and your agent and property managers profiles to help your office and team stand out as the professional local experts to potential landlords and clients. Your office profile will include: 

  • A hero image of your office, team, or the local area you service. 
  • An introduction to your office. 
  • An embedded YouTube or Vimeo video placement to showcase your office promo video (optional). 
  • Links to your social media pages and personal website (optional).

Your office profile can be accessed by prospective clients by clicking on your office’s name on listings or by clicking on ‘View more from this office’ on listings and agent profiles*. 

*Agent profiles are available to REA licensed agents only.

How to update your office profile

To get started, simply login to your OneHub account with your office account to access the ‘office profile’ menu in OneHub^. Don’t have a OneHub login? Register today.

^The same office account used to list properties on Trade Me must be used to login to OneHub.

1. Name & Description

Your office will default to your business's legal name for you but can be updated.

How to write a good description

  • Write clearly, explaining the benefits of using your office and what you specialise in.
  • If you specialise in certain properties, or provide specific services then talk about these (e.g. new builds).
  • Always write in natural language, using full sentences and good paragraph structure. Avoid all-caps.
  • Check twice for spelling errors.

2. Hero image

This is your opportunity to grab your customers' attention and show a hero shot of your office, the team, or the area you operate.

This image will be displayed at the top of your office profile, at the bottom of your listings within the contact section, and on agents profiles beneath their contact details.


  • 1920 pixels wide, 336 pixels high (images with other widths will be resized).
  • Under 1MB.
  • JPG format.
  • No text, promotional text or logos as the image.
  • The edge of the image may be cropped depending on the screen size, so it’s best if the main subject focus is in the middle of the image.

3. Display address

This should be the physical address of your office so that prospective clients can locate your office.

4. Links

You can add links to your social media pages and website. Enter the web URL as it appears in your browser including https://

5. Video

An embedded video placement to showcase your office promo video.

Accepted formats:

  • Your video must be a YouTube link.
  • You must ensure that advertising and annotation features are disabled so that the video plays correctly.