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Premium Agent FAQs

Everything you need to know about Premium Agent.


Why be a Premium Agent?

Premium Agent helps you build trust with homeowners by promoting you next to your sales across homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property. Homeowners who are thinking of selling can request an appraisal from you via either website.

What is the difference between Premium Agent Starter & Plus?

Premium Agent Starter is your starting point for building trust with homeowners. It gives you recognition for your sales and the opportunity to receive appraisal requests via homes.co.nz.

Premium Agent Plus increases your exposure to homeowners by extending your reach onto Trade Me Property. You get promoted next to your sales and the opportunity to receive appraisal requests on both homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property.

How much does Premium Agent Cost?

Premium Agent Starter is $99 +GST.

Premium Agent Plus is an exclusive and complimentary product for agents who belong to a Platinum Partner office.

Signing up

How do I sign up to Premium Agent?

Before you sign up for Premium Agent, please ensure you have registered for One Hub and have an active profile. You can sign up via the One Hub Registration Page.

If you already have an active profile on One Hub please contact propertyagents@trademe.co.nz to discuss your options with our team.

Reporting & Appraisal Requests

Where can I access reporting for Premium Agent?

Reporting for Premium Agent Starter will be sent to you via email every month. The report contains details of how many impressions and appraisal requests you’ve received from homes.co.nz.

We’re currently working on a comprehensive report for Premium Agent Plus. While we work on this, you will get the same reporting as Premium Agent Starter.

Can I use Onehub to view reporting for Premium Agent?

No, not yet but this is something our team are actively working on.

How do I know if I have an appraisal request?

Appraisal requests that come from homes.co.nz will be sent to you via email. The email will contain the following information about the homeowner:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details (Phone & Email)
  • Timeframes for selling

Appraisal requests that come from Trade Me Property will be included in either the enquiry email from your listing or profile. The enquiry email from your listing is set by default to only send to the primary agent of the listing. This means that if you are not the primary agent on the listing then you will not receive the appraisal request email. Appraisal request emails will contain the following information about the homeowner:

  • Name
  • Contact details (Phone & Email)

Profile & Sales information

How do I edit my profile information on homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property?

Simply login to your account on OneHub. Any changes you make on Onehub will update your profile on homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property.

Why should I claim my sales?

Homeowners who are looking to sell use sales data across homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property to figure out what their own property might be worth. If you haven’t claimed a sale then you are missing an opportunity to build trust with homeowners as the agent who sold that property. This also means you could be less likely to receive an appraisal request.

How do I manage my claimed sales on homes.co.nz and Trade Me?

  • Your sales will appear automatically on Trade Me and homes.co.nz once your listing has been withdrawn with the reason set to ‘sold’.
  • Sale prices will be hidden to the public by default until we receive council data to confirm the price.
  • If we aren’t displaying one of your sales on Trade Me or homes.co.nz you can manually claim the sale in OneHub.
  • If you wish to hide or change the sale price of any property on Trade Me you can do so in OneHub.
  • The above process is the same regardless if you sold the property alone or with another agent.

Are there any sales that can’t be claimed?

On homes.co.nz you can claim properties categorised as residential/lifestyle in the council's rating database excluding:

  • Sales registered by Stratford City Council.
  • Newly built properties or properties “Off the plan” that have not yet been created as a separate rateable unit.

  • Company-owned apartments where there is no separate property title.

Sales are captured by homes.co.nz and Trade Me Property as far back as possible but the exact dates differ by council.

Who is eligible to claim sales?

As a Premium Agent you can claim all of your sales providing you were either:

  • The listing agent on the listing agreement for the property
  • The selling agent on the listing agencies transaction report for the property

Need more help?

I have more questions about Premium Agent, who do I contact?

Please contact propertyagents@trademe.co.nz if you require any further information or assistance.

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