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Formatting your listing

Everything you need to know.


Residential: Properties to be lived in 
Categories: Apartment, House, Lifestyle bare land, Lifestyle Dwelling, Section, Townhouse, Unit.

Properties to be used for farming/agriculture (same pricing as Residential)
Categories: Bare land, Cropping, Dairy, Deer, Forestry, High Country, Horticulture, Mixed, Sheep/Beef

It is not possible to change the listing category once the property is live on site. You will need to create a brand new listing under the correct category within 7 days of the original listing going live and contact our Customer Support Team to ensure you aren’t being charged for the new listing.

Listing Title Error

The Listing title Character Limit is 50 including spaces.

Rateable Value (RV)

Must be added to the listing, but you do have the option of hiding this figure.

Lowest Value: 1
Highest Value: 2147483647

Expected Sale Price and Search Range

The Expected Sale Price (ESP) is a single figure that will determine where the property sits within the search range. The ESP is a unique number (ie. $724,000) that is not limited to the increments displayed within Search.

If your Feed provider accepts a range for Expected Sale Price (ie. $700,000 to $750,000) this will not be passed on to Trade Me.

Instead, your feed provider will choose a single figure within the range (often the lowest value within your range ie. $700,000) and feed it through to Trade Me as the ESP.

For further information, please contact your Feed provider application’s support.

Lowest Value: 1000
Highest Value: 999999999

Floor Area (Residential, Commercial, New Homes)

Displays as: Floor area

Lowest Value: 1
Highest Value: 99999

Land Area (Residential, Commercial, Sections, New Homes)

Displays as: Land area 
Lowest Value 0
Highest Value: 2147483647

Open Home Times

Will only show within one week of the Open Home.

Open Homes cannot be added to a property with no dwelling/residence - i.e rural listings.

Listing Description

Character Limit = 2048 including spaces, line break = 2 characters.

It is not possible to include hyperlinks in the listing description to redirect to external websites.


This field does not accept symbols or characters, enter only the numerical values.


Maximum 50. Photos may appear broken if they have been loaded in your Feed provider for too long. You will need to completely remove these and reupload them.

Embedded content

Must use the following format:[UNIQUE KEY][UNIQUE KEY]

[UNIQUE KEY] is the part of the link that enables the specific video content i.e [7fghks]

Agent phone number

This field does not accept symbols or characters, enter only the numerical values. For example it will not accept: +649111111 / (09)1111 but will accept: 09 111

Agent photos

Can be uploaded either via your feed provider or through Onehub (will only show if agent name and office details match the listing).

Property location

The suburb must be loaded using the correct district and region. It is not possible to change the listing location after 14 days.

If you’re looking for a location category code, click here.

Listing ID, Agency ID, Feed provider ID

Trade Me Listing ID: Trade Me Property uses the same Listing ID system as the wider Trade Me website. Every time a listing is published it’s randomly assigned a unique ID which is it’s individual identifier. 

Agency ID: Your office or franchise may use internal identifiers for your own systems, separate to the IDs for other portals. This remains the same internally and doesn’t change. 

Feed provider ID: Your Feed provider may allocate an Agency ID for similar purposes. In the case of REX this would be your REX number #REX1234. This is also separate to your Trade Me ID.

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