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We’re welcoming to the Trade Me Property family

We’re thrilled to announce we’re welcoming into the Trade Me Property family.

11 May 2022 has cemented its role with homeowners and buyers as the #1 property site for researching property valuations, current estimates, and sales information.^ Buyers can use this data to help decide what offers to make, and curious homeowners thinking of selling can see what their home might be worth. As well as having a rich data set, also delivers strong appraisal leads to agents.

This provides great synergy with Trade Me Property, which attracts NZ’s largest and most active property buyer audience.^

What’s changing? 

As part of bringing into the Trade Me family, you’re going to see an increase in related content across Trade Me Property. Buyers have been eagerly asking for pricing information when viewing properties online, so by July 2022, you’ll notice Homes Pricing Estimates, RentEstimates and capital value across all applicable Residential For Sale and New Homes listings on Trade Me Property. We believe that by enriching the search experience with reputable data from, we can continue to maximise buyer engagement with listings, giving them more confidence to enquire or attend open homes. 

What will this look like? 

Here’s what you can expect to see on Trade Me Property listings.

How will the estimates work? 

The estimates will be displayed on Trade Me Property listings as an upper/lower range (a single price point is not displayed), and interested users can click directly through to view the property record on for further information, such as council records, sales history, expense estimates, and more. 

How will estimates be updated? 

Estimates are automatically updated every fortnight and, through, an appraisal/CMA can be submitted in order to directly influence the estimates displayed on and on your Trade Me Property listing. Currently, this is a ‘Premium Agent’ feature, but it will be made available to all agents ahead of the estimates being displayed on Trade Me Property in June. If Agents don’t have an account set up already, they can simply email (or log in to an existing account) to be able to access this function.

Find out how to upload a CMA here

For more information, get in touch with your Trade Me Account Manager. 

^Trade Me independent market survey April 2022

^^Perceptive March 2022