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The best suburbs in Christchurch to buy: Fendalton

Could you see yourself in Fendalton?

Last updated: 27 May 2024

We’ve been taking a deep dive into the best suburbs in Christchurch to buy property in, based on what we’ve seen from Trade Me Property search demand so far in 2024.

Why Christchurch? The Garden City is seeing rising property prices, indicating a growing popularity among Kiwi home buyers. Our April Property Price Index, showed that Christchurch city property prices had increased 4% year-on-year, reaching an average asking price of $711,450 in March 2024.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a home in Christchurch, we want you to have the key information so you can decide which suburb is best for you. This means knowing things like what amenities are on your doorstep, what school and pre-school options are available for families and how well served these suburbs are by public transport. All of these things have a material impact on what it’s like to live in these neighbourhoods, and should be part of your home buying checklist.

This article is all about Fendalton, which has claimed the bronze medal position in terms of the number of Trade Me Property searches in Christchurch so far in 2024. Fendalton is right next door to the last suburb we explored at, Merivale, so let’s take a look at why it’s drawing in so many prospective buyers.

Fendalton, Christchurch: key info

One of the older residential zones of Christchurch, Fendalton is a central suburb, located roughly three kilometres away from the CBD, and on a direct route between the city centre and Christchurch International Airport.

As of June 2023, Fendalton was home to an estimated 4,550 people, with a population density of 2,097 people per km2.

At the time of writing, according to our data, the average property price in Fendalton is $1,863,500.

Why do people want to buy in Fendalton, Christchurch?

1. Excellent location

Perhaps the most obvious draw of Fendalton is its fantastic location, giving residents easy access to both Christchurch’s centre and the main route out of the city – perfect for easy getaways and long weekend roadies! When you throw in the easy access to the international airport, it’s easy to understand why Fendalton appeals particularly to families and retirees.

Christchurch city centre is easily accessed on foot or by bike, most obviously via the beautiful Hagley Park, a 1.6 km2 park. As commutes go, it’s a pretty good one!

2. Abundance of nature

Despite its proximity to the centre of Christchurch, Fendalton has a surprising amount of greenspaces right on its doorstep.

We’ve already mentioned the sprawling Hagley Park, which also contains the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, but Fendalton also borders or contains another three substantial green spaces: Mona Vale Garden Park, Fendalton Park and Riccarton House and Bush.

The last two of these are much more than just parks, however, and have interesting historic tourist attractions on their grounds. For example, Riccarton House and Bush is the site of two historic buildings, flanked by both ornate gardens and native forest. You can go on guided tours around Riccarton House, which has stood for nearly 200 years, and then head outside to enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounding reserve.

You also might be surprised to know that a number of waterways make their way through the Fendalton suburb. These include the Fendalton Stream, Wairarapa Stream, and Waimairi Stream, all eventually leading to the Avon River, which flows through Hagley Park. It’s not unusual to see locals out boating, and even punting on some of these waterways.

If you’re a lover of native NZ flora and fauna, you’ll love Deans Bush. You’ll find a variety of native trees including kahikatea, totara, matai and hinau, whose presence make the area a haven for several endemic bird species.

3. Exclusivity and community

There’s no doubt that Fendalton is a Christchurch suburb favoured by the city’s most well-heeled residents, and its lower than average population gives the area an exclusive vibe.

This feeling is only accentuated by the leafy suburban streets, and the large, characterful homes that many of its residents enjoy.

There’s also a tight knit community vibe, honed by the presence of multiple programmes, ranging from sports to volunteerism to advocacy. These cater to everyone from children to retirees, allowing all the chance to participate in a full life in Fendalton.

4. Education options

Fendalton has families with children covered for all stages of their education journey. Kids living in Fendalton could literally go from primary to university while living at home… although, for everyone’s sanity, just because you can, doesn’t mean you’ll want to!

Among the excellent education options available in and around Fendalton are:

  • Fendalton Open-Air School
  • Christchurch Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools
  • Medbury School
  • St. Teresa's School
  • Kirkwood Intermediate
  • University of Canterbury
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