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Don’t toy with the life of a child

Toys can pose a serious risk to children, compulsory safety standards apply to toys for children 36 months and under

9 March 2021

The Commerce Commission has released a video to remind businesses that they must meet compulsory safety standards if they sell toys for children 36 months and under:


The legal consequences of not meeting these safety standards can be enormous. In late 2017 a retailer was prosecuted by the Commission. It was fined more than $250,000 for selling unsafe toys and $85,000 more for breaching labelling requirements on children’s pyjamas and clothing.

The judge was concerned that choking hazards “exposed young children to the risk of injury or even death”.

Trade Me expects all traders to fully comply with safety law, particularly where children can be exposed to risk. If you have any doubt about products you intend to sell, do not list them on site.