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Our policy on recreational drugs and related goods

We don't allow the sale of drugs, or the equipment used to consume, cultivate or manufacture them.

24 February 2021

We’re all about community here at Trade and we like to keep it clean.

Recreational drugs have great potential for abuse, even the legal ones.

There are two parts to this policy: recreational drugs themselves and related goods.

Recreational drugs (the ones Cheech likes)

We have a blanket ban in place, so you won’t be able to list any kind of recreational drug (herbal or chemical).

Obviously, this includes drugs like methamphetamine and cannabis, but it also includes party pills and synthetic cannabis, as well as NOS canisters.

Over-the-counter recreational drugs are also out.

This is because while they might be legal, they are often age-restricted R-18 and we’ve made the call to not to allow them to be sold either.

You cannot sell datura or peyote based plants and the like.

Cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol may not be listed, however some approved members may sell wine.

Related goods

Any items related to the cultivation or consumption of recreational drugs are considered ‘related goods’ and are banned on-site. This includes:

  • Bongs, hash pipes, roach clips, or any similar product used primarily for cannabis inhalation.
  • Pipes used for methamphetamine inhalation and the like.
  • Books that promote drug making. These are usually banned from sale by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Sorry, Uncle Fester.
  • Hydroponic growing equipment. While there are plenty of legitimate uses for this kind of gear (and yes maybe Mum was indeed just using it to grow tomatoes) we don’t want to support cultivation. The definition of such gear is at Trade Me’s temperament.
  • E-cigarettes, vapes and batteries. These cannot be sold either as they are very difficult to manage on site.

Listings may not use wording which promote the use of drugs. For example you cannot say things like “awesome hookah, great for smoking pot!”.

There are a number of fringe items out there that do not necessarily promote recreational drug use. For example, 'collectible herb grinders'.

For now, we are happy for these to continue to be listed as long as you do so in a way that does not encourage their use as a tool for drug consumption.

Don't make us change our mind...

If you’ve got an unusual item that doesn’t feature here, just ask yourself, is this something that would be used for the consumption, promotion or cultivation of recreational drugs?

If the answer is yes, or you’re not sure, then don’t list it.

We're not complete grinches. Here are some permitted goods

  • Tobacco pipes
  • Salvia plants and seeds. We’re happy for salvia plants and seeds to be listed, as many a gardener loves to grow these for their beauty. However don’t even think about selling the dried herb for recreational use.
  • Hookah pipes, also known as shisha or sheesha pipes. These are devices used to smoke fruit flavoured tobacco. They can be pretty ornate and cool looking, and the government has recently removed the prohibition of their sale.
  • The right drugs, being medicines may be sold by approved pharmacists.

Remember, we at all times reserve the right to remove any listings, for any reason.

Stay safe and happy trading!