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Stolen goods on Trade Me

Protect your goods before they get stolen, and let us and the police know if you see them listed on site.

12 March 2021

At times, the rat bags who steal our prized possessions think it’s an awesome idea to list them on Trade Me.

If you have been a victim of burglary, or are just looking for some info on how to keep your stuff safe, then this is for you.

Setting up favourite searches

Favourite searches’ are a really helpful tool for checking if your stolen goods have been listed on Trade Me.

Anyone with a Trade Me membership can set up and save a favourite search.

To set one up, just log in to Trade Me and type keywords into the search bar, either before or after you’ve narrowed down the categories. When the results come back there will be an option to save the search.

Before clicking this button just make sure the region selected is in your area or the area where the item was stolen as it’s highly unlikely that an item stolen from Dunedin will be sold in Auckland.

After setting up a favourite search an email will be sent to you with the latest listings that match what you have saved.

These emails can be received daily, every three days, or weekly, depending on what option is selected.

Searching expired listings

If you’re not having any luck searching live listings for your stuff that was pinched, the good news is that you can search expired listings too.

To search through items that are no longer on the site, click the down arrow next to the magnifying glass on the search bar and hit “Search expired listings”:

What do I do if I think I’ve found my things on Trade Me?

From time to time we receive contact from members regarding listings they believe are their stolen items.

We understand that it is extremely frustrating to see listings that may be yours, but we need to make sure we have the proper information before we’re able to take any action.

If you believe this item is yours, we strongly suggest that you contact your local Police Station and provide this information directly to them. We have an established process with NZ Police that needs to be followed so that we can help.

Police will contact us directly regarding any information they require to follow up on your complaint.

Here’s a few handy hints for things you can do if you think you’ve spotted your possessions:

  1. Make a note of the Trade Me username and auction number.
  2. The Police will need to see evidence of why you believe the item being sold on Trade Me is yours so try and track down serial numbers, proof of purchase like receipts, photos of your item, photographs from the auction where you can identify specific marks, scratches, or modifications which match your stolen item. You should also include any other information you believe proves the item is yours.
  3. Take all of this information to your local Police station, including your Police file number from the burglary or theft event, and file a complaint about the item on Trade Me.
  4. The Police will then update you directly with the outcome of the investigation.

How to keep your possessions extra safe

Even if you haven’t been a victim of theft, it is a really good idea to sign up to SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership).

This is a website run by the New Zealand Police where you can register your possessions.

All you need is access to a computer and the serial number of the possessions that you want to register.

Head over to the website now and check it out.