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The secret diary of an accidental internet mule

The secret diary of an accidental internet mule by Annie Body (aged 35 and a half)

12 March 2021

Here's a secret diary that serves as a warning to others about the dangers of internet scammers and jobs that seem too good to be true...

Day 1

Found a really interesting job advertised online today. It seemed like a pretty sweet deal as a part time administrative assistant and it has a commission on sales made!

I don’t know how that works if I’m doing admin work but I applied online anyway.

Day 2


The people behind that job I applied for got back to me pretty quick.

They sound on to it, as the admin job has already been filled but they liked my skill set so offered me a job collecting commissions and passing them on.

I get to keep a percentage of the money and I start tomorrow!

Day 3

Busy day withdrawing deposits from my bank account to send to these sales reps overseas.

Popped into Western Union twice today. It’s a pretty easy process to send money to England.

I made $800 bucks for an hour’s work! I had a really nice lunch at the Cafe and splashed out on some clothes.

Day 4

Another busy day sending money off to England. I’ve made $1700 today!!

This is too easy! To celebrate I shouted myself a new iphone!



The bank has just taken $12.5K out of my bank account! I’m in massive overdraft.

What the heck is going on?!


I can’t believe it! Apparently I’ve been helping an internet scammer all along.

I’m in some real trouble, I’m in mega debt to the bank and I have no way to pay my rent.

I don’t have a job anymore, my ‘boss’ won’t respond to my emails and

I’ve just found out I could be prosecuted for my involvement in this scam.

I didn’t have any dinner.


That's pretty much how scammers manage to get money they have conned from another party out of the country.

If a job is too good to be true it is!

Creative Commons image used courtesy of Squire of Cydona on Flickr.