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Tripod fuel tanks may not be sold on Trade Me

The tripod fuel tanks that aren't welcome on Trade Me

By Trade Me 5 February 2021

Making sure your fuel tank is compliant

As tripod fuel tanks are replaced, some keen farmers have seen an opportunity to sell them on Trade Me.

This does not make WorkSafe very happy, as they cannot be legally sold, relocated or reconditioned.

The reason, is that due to their design and age they are at risk of collapse which could cause harm – or worse.

Indeed, the manufacture of these three-legged fuel stands was halted in 1996 when official approval was withdrawn. This was due to the ‘result of numerous accidents due to the failure of the tanks supporting structures and stability.‘

In the modern health and safety era, all above-ground farm fuel tanks must meet Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 design standards, and tripod fuel tanks do not meet those standards.

The intention at the time was farmers could use existing tanks until they reached the end of their working life, with the intention they be removed from service at the appropriate time

Given these old tanks can not be used in a new location, Trade Me does not allow their sale and will remove any three-legged fuel tanks it finds.

Fair warning farmers, WorkSafe is keeping an eye on things and will let us know when they spy them too.


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