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How to safety sell walkie talkies in New Zealand

By Trade Me 1 January 2022

As kids my brothers and I used to play with walkie talkies for hours and hours running round the mean streets of Hastings. One set had a morse code button for tapping out secret messages. It was great fun. 

What's also great is this guest post by MBIE's Radio Spectrum Management about the responsibilities one has when selling walkie talkies and CB radios in NZ. 

While RSM's post is fairly technical, its meaning is clear. The walkie talkie product supplied on the site must meet the Radiocommunications Regulations. 

Trade Me has a great working relationship with RSM and we work actively with them to try and keep the static to a minimum. 

Walkie talkies or CB radio

Interested in buying or selling walkie talkies? If so, read on. With the growth in online shopping, buyers and sellers alike can come unstuck by trading the wrong device.

New Zealand makes provision for Citizen Band radio usage on 40 channels in the frequency range 26.330MHz – 27.405MHz, and 80 UHF (ultra-high frequency) channels between 476.425MHz - 477.4125MHz.

This article focuses only on UHF services. Operation is covered by a free General User Radio Licence (GURL). The UHF band is referred to as the Personal Radio Service (PRS) and is also used in Australia. Equipment must meet the standard for use in either country and have the correct compliance labelling.

Walkie talkies outside NZ

Walkie talkies from other countries aren’t acceptable in NZ. The USA utilises the Family Radio Service (FRS), which operates on 14 channels in the frequency range of 462.5625MHz – 462.7125MHz and 467.5625MHz - 467.7125MHz.

 In addition they operate the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). There are 16 channels dispersed between the FRS channels on 462.550MHz – 462.725MHz and 467.550MHz – 467.725MHz.

The USA also uses radio transmitters in the Multi Use Radio service ( MURs). These operate on five frequencies; 151.82, 151.88, 151.94, 154.57 and 154.60MHz.

Europe utilises Personal Mobile Radio (PMR) on up to 16 channels in the band 446.00625MHz - 446.19375MHz.                                   

Walkie talkies in NZ

In New Zealand, the walkie talkies above all fall into areas that are licensed for commercial fixed and land mobile services, such as fire, ambulance, transport, rail and forestry. Operation of FRS/GMRS, MURs and PMR radios will cause interference to these services.

If you are considering buying or selling one of these, please ensure the walkie talkie has either a Supplier Code Number (SCN) or RCM mark. This will indicate the radio meets the NZ requirements for use.

Z001, N001, R-NZ or RCM

Sellers can legally only sell compliant walkie talkies in New Zealand and must ensure they are correctly labelled. If you are considering trading radio transmitters you also require a Licence to Supply.

If you have any doubts or want further information please contact the RSM team on 0508 776463 or via the web site


Big thanks to RSM for preparing this post, we hope readers find it useful. 


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