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Why did that listing disappear?

A sellers listing might have disappeared if they haven't given us the information we requested

8 March 2021

If you’ve ever been bidding on an auction and winning, and suddenly when time runs out, the listing is ‘Withdrawn by the administrator’ and you’ve wondered what the heck is going on, this blog post is for you.

What’s usually happened in these situations is we’ve asked the seller to provide information about the item they are selling, and they haven’t gotten back to us before the auction was due to expire.

Some examples of the types of information we may request from sellers include:

  • proof of possession of the item
  • information relating to the authenticity of an item
  • certification to sell specific items
  • substantiation of claims made about an item
  • information relating to product safety and compliance.

The information we request is always with member safety in mind, and if we don’t get the information, we can’t let the sale go ahead.

By waiting until the last minute to withdraw the listing, it gives the seller as much time as possible to get back to us.

Sellers can also provide us with the information we requested after the auction has expired. When this happens, the item can then be relisted.