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You have not bought a BBQ - you did receive a phishing email

The BBQ email is common, delete it, don't click through. If you have given your credit card details contact the bank NOW

9 March 2021

Repost as this scam has struck up again!!

Overseas scammers are taking the time to do a spot of 'phishing' and are targetting Trade Me members (and also persons who do not use Trade Me) by trying to trick them out of personal details to use to commit fraud.

You may have been sent an email that looks like the below image.

It is a faked credit card payment receipt.

The recipient has NOT actually made a transaction on Trade Me at all.

It is an attempt to trick you into 'cancelling' the transaction and providing your credit card details to the scammer.

DO NOT click on the links contained in the email. They may look like Trade Me but they are not our URLs. Simply delete the email and commend yourself for being cyber safe.

We are working to have this site removed as soon as we can.

Points to take action on for you to take action on:

  • If you have provided your credit card details via the fake site you MUST CALL YOUR BANK RIGHT NOW. Explain the situation and they will cancel the card immediately.
  • If you believe you entered your Trade Me login details into a phishing website, you will need to reset your Trade Me password immediately via your My Trade Me page.
  • As a security precaution, we recommend you run a full virus scan on your computer immediately. In case you don't already have security software to assist with this, you might like to check out this free product:
  • If you use the same password elsewhere, it’s possible that your other online accounts may also be accessed. We strongly urge you to secure these accounts by updating your password and any security questions as soon as possible (but call your bank first).
  • If you'd like to know more about phishing, read our guide to how to protect yourself from scams.