About us

Our Values, Vision & Purpose

What we stand for.

At Trade Me, we share a vision, purpose and four key values.


Our vision is our long term goal. It's what success looks like for Trade Me which is to be the place 'Where Kiwi look first'.


We also have a purpose – it describes why we exist and how we contribute to NZ. Trade Me's purpose is 'Connecting Kiwi to create the life they want'.


Our values guide our everyday behaviour and sum up what's important to us. Each of the four values is represented by a character: Aroha, Ed, Tem, and Richie.

Meet our Values Squad

The Trade Me values – what’s important to us.

Aroha shows our customers love. Customers are part of our community and we’re part of theirs. We understand how they tick and give them things that are valuable, empowering and easy to use.

Like Sir Ed Hillary, we’re ambitious but humble. We deliver. We love learning and relish taking on challenges. We take risks, and we’re not afraid to learn from failure.

Tem is always there to help a teammate out. We get a kick out of achieving things together. We're united, but not afraid to challenge each other.

Richie keeps us honest. We’re straight up, transparent and we do the right thing. We cherish individuality and treat people with respect while maintaining a healthy sense of humour.