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Seal the deal with Vehicle Finance

Stay on top of your game by offering vehicle finance to your customers.

Two years into the Covid-19 pandemic we’re all now well aware of the impact on businesses and households nationwide. The automotive industry continues to be impacted by restrictions and port congestion, causing huge delays in import shipments. New Zealand has seen an increase in buyer demand and a shortage of vehicles, which is driving rising vehicle prices. This coupled with rising inflation, means affordability is front and centre for many Kiwis. 

For dealerships, offering vehicle finance options can reduce uncertainty for shoppers and make their buyer journey a lot less stressful. It can also benefit your dealership in the process:

Stay competitive

Dealerships often offer flexible vehicle financing options along with lucrative promotions to attract customers. You don’t want to be the last to adopt vehicle finance into your business model and lose potential customers, especially when there’s a demand for it with rising car prices. Offering vehicle finance can help you stay on top of your game and keep up with your competition.

Seal the deal

Negotiating and closing deals may be second nature to you, however, if your customers simply do not have the financial means for their desired vehicles, it can hinder the sale. 

Vehicle finance can help your customers better assess the affordability of your available vehicles and mitigate the financial barrier, which will in turn help you close the sale. Our new Multi Interest Rates feature allows you to display one of three chosen interest rates on your vehicle listings, providing flexibility for vehicles with different price points. This can ensure that your customers are getting the most suitable rates for them

Be a one-stop shop

Having vehicle finance options available allows you to be a one-stop shop for your customers. It means that you can provide a full service - from having the range of vehicles for them to choose from, to being the connection for them to secure financial means for the purchase. You’re saving them the legwork from having to go to an external lender and potentially spending a lot of time in the application process. 

It also helps simplify and centralise the car buying process for customers, making it easier for them to convert. Not only that, you can stay on top of the application process and be the first to know whether their finance is approved and if your deal can go through.