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Upgrade your listings with MotorWeb

Save time and enjoy peace of mind when selling.

One in three vehicles checked by MotorWeb is flagged by the NZTA as having money owing, an inconsistent odometer, or has been reported stolen. As an automotive dealer, failing to run a thorough history check before purchasing a vehicle is quite risky.

MotorWeb produces the most comprehensive Vehicle Information Report (VIR) in New Zealand, delivering the vehicle info you need to trade safely and confidently within 15 seconds.

Vehicle Information Report features:

Any problems identified are accompanied with simple explanations and advice on how they can be rectified, where possible.

Hidden Debts - Hidden debts for any undisclosed amounts.

Registration - Confirmation for whether the seller is the registered owner.

Odometer - Alerts showing inconsistent odometer readings.

NZTA Flagged
- If the NZTA has flagged the vehicle as damaged (flood, fire, crash, etc).

Outstanding RUC - If there are outstanding road user charges.

Stolen - Whether the vehicle has been reported stolen.

Other MotorWeb services:

MotorWeb offers a range of services to save you time and paperwork. They include: 

MR13C and MR13B - change of ownership documents

PPSR security registration service - money owing check

Valuation certificates & Appraisal forms

Sale & purchase agreements

Vehicle Information Report - As detailed above

    Save yourself and your business time and have peace of mind by joining MotorWeb. Contact our sales team on