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How to manage Email Auto Response

You can reply to your prospective customers within minutes of receiving an enquiry through Trade Me Motors, 24/7.

In this day and age, customers are after instant information so you’re more likely to win a sale if you respond to an enquiry promptly. Email Auto Response is a simple solution to respond to customers outside trading hours.

Auto Response feature includes

  • Personalised emails 

You can personalise the Email Auto Response email using member and vehicle details. 

  • Messaging options 

You can tailor different messages depending on the time of the enquiry. 

  • Speedy response 

Reply to potential customers within minutes. 

  • Template options 

Choose from a range of three template layouts. 

  • Consistent co-branding 

Your brand is prominently displayed in each email.

How to set up your Email Auto Responses

Talk to your dedicated Account Manager in the first stance to ensure we add this functionality in DealerBase.

Accessing your templates:

1. Log in to DealerBase.

2. Click the ‘My Company’ tab.

3. Click ‘Template Entry’ under the ‘Email Auto Response’ section.

Creating & editing your templates:

1. Select your starting template by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top of the page. 

2. Populate the fields labelled ‘Dealer Contact Name’ and ‘Reply Email Address’.

3. Complete the ‘Email subject’ field, by typing in the box, and adding variables like ‘Vehicle Year’ by clicking on the box above the field. They will appear in the text field as [Vehicle Manufacturer] or [Vehicle Year] for example, but will populate with the relevant information when sent to a customer. 

4. Complete the ‘Business hours’ and ‘After hours’ fields using the same method as above. 

5. Click ‘Save’ to finalise your changes. 

6. Send a header image to be used at the top of the email through to our Dealer Support team at We recommend using a JPEG file of your business logo. 

7. Ensure your business hours are accurate under the ‘Company Details’ section of the ‘My Company’ tab as we will use these details to determine when we send the after hours email. 

For assistance, please contact our Dealer Support team on 0800 42 88 62.