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What does Website Link give you?

Drive more traffic to your website with Website Link.

These days, a website is essential for business — it’s your virtual shop window. However, if your site is relegated to the bottom of internet search results, no one will see it. Here’s where Website Link can help. One way to improve your website’s search ranking is to have other quality websites link to yours. Website Link gives you two hyperlinks to your website from each of your listings on Trade Me Motors and helps drive traffic to your website.

Website Link features

2x secure hyperlinks

Two secure hyperlinks from your company name and ‘View their website’ text on all of your listings.

Individual URL links

By using DealerBase, you can link your listings to individual URLs. For example, a vehicle page on your website, a YouTube video, or your Facebook page.

Website Link is available on all new dealer packages, so jump in to DealerBase and set yours up now.