These hosting hints will make your Halloween a total scream

10 spooktacular Halloween party ideas

Last updated: 10 May 2023

If you’re looking for a few tips to get your Halloween party off (or under?) the ground,check out these party ideas. You’re guaranteed to be the ghost with the most.

1. Skulls, skulls (and more skulls)

From skull ice cubes to plant pots and ceramic skull oil burners – we’re calling in the skulls this Halloween.

The massive range of cute, cool and kooky skull-shaped items onsite should be your first port of call this year. Not just because they create a moody aesthetic, but because they’ll enjoy an afterlife… post-party.

Heads will roll (on the floor)

2. Honor Día de Los Muertos

Although Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and Halloween are celebrated within the same week – they are different celebrations.

Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and is celebrated as a night of tricks, treats, ghosts and ghouls! Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican tradition that honours the dead in joyous celebration – with colourful calaveras (skulls) and calacas (skeletons).

Read up on all things Día de Los Muertos (this is the perfect pocket guide) or seek out a local festival in your area before hanging up those chandeliers.

Take some inspiration from Día de Los Muertos

3. Pick a theme

Halloween is the perfect excuse for a party – which means it’s time to stock up on party supplies galore! Here are some ideas to make this year’s shindig one to remember:

The haunted house

To create an eerie experience for your guests, find a few key decor pieces like caution tape, cobwebs, second-hand furniture or animated props. Hang string lights, light candles and ensure the guests arrive after dark – the atmosphere is key!

That festival you missed…

Halloween is your chance to make up for any festival you’ve always wished you could have gone to! From Coachella to Outer Space – you’ll find all the garlands, sequins and bubble blowing machines you need to bring the sparkly theme to you.

A scary movie marathon

You’ll need a home projector, large cushions, throws (for hiding behind) and of course – popcorn.

A cocktail party (with a twist)

Blow your guests away with surprising decor. Simply choose two aesthetics and combine them. It could be greenery and… disco balls! Or Bridgerton meets… the colour black!

Whatever you do, make sure you’re stocked up on plenty of glassware, and that your guests match the decor. Speaking of what to wear…

4. Get a costume

Costumes. Are. Mandatory!

If you’re stuck, reverse-engineer your idea by browsing the existing costumes and wigs onsite. Check out Mad Distribution, Party Online or Costume Box for inspo – it’ll get you thinking.

Remember that some guests will arrive in sneans, which brings us to our next tip…

You have so many options for Halloween costumes on Trade Me.

5. Provide some masks

These are the coolest, weirdest and easiest items to make this Halloween a hoot. They’re also the perfect prop to hand that person who turns up in a hoodie and sneakers.

In fact, these latex masks are strangely impactful when worn with sneans. Whether it’s a horse, hamburger or alien – just imagine waiting for the bathroom when a banana head walks out. Impeccable vibes.

6. Play some Halloween games

Channel your inner child this Halloween. Whether it’s with a round of spooky Monopoly, a lolly scavenger hunt or your own non-violent version of Squid Game (tug-o-war and marbles were kids games, after all) – Halloween is all about having fun. You do you, boo!

Of course, you can always up the stakes by arranging a prize pack for the winners. Yours could include a cat candle, a hip flask or goody bags filled with treats to suit your theme and friends.

7. En-witch the experience

Equip the party with magic supplies and your guests will entertain themselves! From tarot cards to spell books, smudge sticks to palm readings – up the ante with all things witchcraft.

A crystal ball or Ouiji board on the coffee table will spark conversation among your guests (and maybe some spirits too…).

Do you dare bring a Ouji board to the party?

8. Tasty tricks and treats

It’s time to get creepy in the kitchen with these Halloween party good ideas.

Lay a skeleton in a bed of snacks and make it the centrepiece of your platter – decorative and delicious!

On the treat front, think cute cupcakes and DIY chocolate skulls (just pour melted chocolate into one of these silicone moulds). For tricks, we’re talking mummified cheese (brie wrapped in puff pastry ‘bandages’), pigs in a blanket (severed fingers, duh) or anything with eyes on it. Trick or treat – it’s gotta be bloody delicious.

Whether you lay down a lace or spiderweb tablecloth, or place skeleton bones amidst the snacks – get inspired by the wide range of Halloween-themed food supplies onsite.

Your Halloween party food needs to be on point.

9. A smoke machine

You’ll have fog on cue thanks to these remote controlled smoke machines. Perfect for the nook in the hallway, next to the cauldron punch bowl or on the dance floor! Don’t forget – you’ll need fog fluid too.

Your smoke machine is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment this Halloween, and for many more to come.

10. Create a photobooth

Because everyone is going to look hilarious/scary/incredible, it’s your responsibility as the host to ensure the squad gets their photo op! Source polaroid cameras and leave them around your house, or create a designated photobooth with a ring light tripod set up in front of an on-theme backdrop. Don’t forget the box of props nearby.

When creating your backdrop, consider what your guests will be wearing. A plain wall featuring bat decal stickers will suit a classic Halloween theme. A tinsel curtain, on the other hand, will effortlessly tie together a motley crew of banana heads, witches, and inflatable dinosaurs.

Ready to send out the invitations? It’s time to eat, drink and be scary!

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