13 things you forgot you needed to travel overseas

Prepare for your most hotly-anticipated holiday ever with this crash course on the travel must-haves this year.

Worried about wearing your face mask all flight long? Dreading being stuck with a set of faulty in-flight headphones instead of your fave bluetooth ones?

From legal requirements to new technology, travel has changed dramatically after a two-year hiatus! Fortunately, we’ve packed all the new and essential travel items you’ll need into this guide so you can start your long-awaited holiday as you intend it to continue – comfortable, relaxed and totally stress-free.

1. Packing cubes

Travelling is all fun and games until you can’t find your charger. Or when the contents of your luggage are on display at customs for everyone to see. Or when your bag literally won’t close…

Tada! Meet your new packing cubes – they’ll turn your suitcase into a neatly packed chest of drawers. Keep your items small and contained, separate your shoes from your shirts and find what you need without having to rummage through your entire suitcase.

Kathmandu makes their packing cells out of recycled plastic bottles, and clear packing cells make it easy to see which pack contains what.

And remember! To maximise space, roll – don’t fold!

2. An AirFly

Already planning what movie you’re going to watch on your flight? The in-flight entertainment is one of the best parts of flying! Although you’ll be in for a rude surprise when you’re handed a wired headset that only works in one ear…

Unfortunately the wireless, bluetooth or noise-cancelling headphones you’re used to won’t be a viable back-up either, as the in-flight entertainment still requires an AUX output for audio.

But we’ve got good news. There is a solution and it’s called the AirFly Pro. This wireless headphone adapter lets up to two people connect their bluetooth headphones or earbuds via bluetooth to the AUX output on their in-flight entertainment screen! Phew!

Whether you watch a movie or listen to the same podcast in real-time – this ingenious gadget is gaining in popularity, so grab yours before they sell out.

3. Luggage scales

Don’t let the anxiety of a potentially overweight bag weigh you down! For the cost of a coffee, a luggage scale will last forever and give you total peace of mind.

If you’re planning on coming home with more than you left with – pop one of these handy devices in your check-in. They’re small, light and will help you gauge when you need to stop shopping (or buy another suitcase…!).

4. An actually-comfortable neck pillow

Unless you’re lucky enough to be flying business class, you need a good quality neck pillow to get that good quality shut-eye.

We rate the travel pillows from the Cabeau Evolution range – the adjustment toggles allow you to customise your comfort and the breathable fabric will keep you cool all flight long. These neck pillows also fold down to half their size to fit in a compact bag. You deserve those zzz’s, and this pillow will let you have ‘em!

Otherwise, check out the memory foam range from Go Travel – most feature a little clip so you can attach them to your carry-on bag if you don’t have the room.

5. Things to do while you're waiting

Whether it’s the boarding lounge or your seat on the plane – you will be waiting! Keep your patience at bay with these boredom busters:

6. A foot hammock

Whether you’ve got a long-haul flight to Greece or a short one to Rarotonga – a foot hammock will make sure you start your holiday on the right… foot…

Simply clip this little hammock onto the tray table in front of you to elevate your lower legs and feet. A foot swing will also help to increase circulation and reduce the strain on your lower back.

Toe-tal bliss.

7. An easy-to-spot suitcase

The sooner you can spot your bag on the carousel and get your holiday started, the better! Explore our new and second-hand range of suitcases by including a keyword in your search (like your favourite colour or pattern) add a fun bag tag and voila – unmissable luggage.

Don’t forget a trusty luggage strap – not only are these an easy way to personalise your bag but you’ll be able to securely fasten your carry-on to the top of your suitcase too.

Check out Trunki for their fun range of ride-on suitcases for kids, or this LEGO suitcase which is the largest LEGO ‘brick’ ever made (and yes it’s for adults!). If you want matching bags, check out our luggage sets and colour-code yourself or the whole fam.

8. Silicone bottles

Squeeze your favourite shampoo, body wash and conditioner into a set of reliable silicone travel bottles. Be prepared for airport inspections by packing them in a chic, transparent case.

Grab a foldable silicone water bottle too. After a long day exploring, you’ll be grateful for the extra space and reduced weight in your day pack. And while you’re at it, pack some aquatabs – they could be the perfect alternative to having to buy a plastic water bottle each day.

9. A travel organiser

You’ll definitely need a passport wallet! With longer queues, busy airport staff and immunity cards required in some countries, having your important documents at the ready in a travel organiser is absolutely necessary for a smooth and stress-free transit.

Don’t forget a pen for arrival and departure cards, too.

10. Things that keep you comfy

We’re talking fluffy socks. Ear plugs. Silk masks. Gel eye masks! A little bit of luxury will make it so much easier to nod off – you won’t even notice your neighbours reading light! If you want something a little extra, these wireless sleeping headphones are your one-way ticket to dreamville in the sky.

Remember that the humidity in a plane cabin is significantly lower than what our skin is used to, so restore that lost moisture with hydrating lotions, mists and lip sleeping masks.

Having hand sanitiser nearby is a comfort in and of itself these days! PS: Did you know that mini wrist dispensers exist? They’re adorable and will hold the perfect amount of hand sanitizer for your flight (or sunscreen when you get to the beach)!

11. An e-book reader

Although nothing compares to holding the real deal in your hands, carrying hundreds of books for less than 200 grams is a book-worm’s delight and a traveller’s essential.

Featuring a bigger screen and wireless charging, the Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) is also waterproof and after a year of release, you’ll find it for a great price. Or, browse our range of second-hand e-book readers and score yourself a sweet bargain.

If you want your e-reader to do a little more, check out Kobo and Onyx Boox.

12. Something to up your camera game

Move over selfie sticks – we need to make room for the gimbal. Literally, you’ll need to create space in your check-in bag for one of these awesome gizmos.

With 360° rotation, a gimbal will stabilise recording while tracking your movements – turning your phone into the ultimate videography and photography assistant on your travels.

You could level up your photography game with an Olympus, Sony or Nikon, but those flights we’re already pretty expensive, right?! Just grab a crossbody phone case instead – it’ll keep your phone (with its already brilliant camera) safe, but also super easy to grab and use.

When your camera is this accessible, you’ll be able to snap away in the moment and capture special memories for years to come (aaand get those good shots for the gram, too)!

13. A juicy power bank

If you're hitting a long-haul flight, a decent power bank is an absolute must. There's nothing worse than your phone or laptop running out of juice with hours left in the sky! Power banks are also handy when you're on the ground – so you can stay connected while you're out and about exploring the sights.

Mophie has a great range of high-capacity power banks that will keep you powered and connected on holiday. If you're an iPhone user, check out the range of MagSafe-compatible power banks available.

To fully charge your phone, look for something with at least 5,000mAh capacity. If you're looking for a few full charges, or to charge something larger like an iPad or laptop, aim for at least 15,000mAh.

There are heaps of travel hacks that can make heading overseas so much easier – but remember, it's always a good idea to double-check with your airline about what you can and can't take or use on the plane to ensure you're following their safety guidelines. Happy travelling!

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