10 NZ made items we’re loving right now

From caravan shaped mailboxes to laser-cut wooden light shades, there’s no shortage of unique handmade products onsite.

There has never been a better time to support small Kiwi businesses than now. 

So, in the spirit of shopping locally, here’s a few NZ made items onsite we’re loving at the moment.

1. Macrocarpa kitchen blocks

A staple for any home cook, the humble cutting board marks the starting point of many delicious meals. 

We spotted these 100% eco-friendly and unique kitchen blocks onsite which are lovingly handcrafted from native wood. 

With photographic proof these things last 20 years, it’s clear these boards are not only gorgeous but more importantly, stand the test of time.

2. Wooden clothes racks

Standard clothes horses are useful but can be awkward to assemble, take up too much space and aren’t usually aesthetically pleasing. 

The opposite can be said about these stylish NZ made tower racks. Made from NZ pine, these clever airers are fully collapsible and available as free-standing or wall hung for tight spaces. 

When open, the largest one has a whopping 16 metres of drying space with enough room for the entire family’s laundry.

3. Caravan letterboxes

If you have a soft spot for unique, one-off designs, these novelty letterboxes are for you! 

Handcrafted in Nelson, these classic caravan creations are painted in cheerful pastel tones and would make a wonderful addition to any Kiwi bach. 

But hurry, there’s only four up for offer and we suspect a bidding war may be in sight!

4. Custom-cut dog signs

If you’ve got an animal lover in the family, look no further than these incredibly lifelike dog signs

Each piece of art is custom cut from steel and then hand painted for a chic and original way to decorate your space. 

Based in Nelson, this member has a range of different breeds available and can even custom make your furry friend in any size.

5. Leather slippers

Brrr, with winter just around the corner, now’s the time to grab yourself a new pair of slippers to keep your feet toasty no matter the temperature outside. 

We love these classic leather slippers that come in a variety of different colours, from pastel pink to trendy leopard print, and are lined with NZ sheepskin for extra comfort. 

With so many options to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect pair for you and perhaps a pair for a friend, too.

6. Eco-friendly cat beds

Why not treat your cat this winter with a handmade designer bed to curl up in? 

These pods are not only adorable but they’re made from recycled fabrics and come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can find the purr-fect one for your precious feline.

7. Wooden laptop stands

We’ve all had a lot of practice working from home recently, which makes this next find more relevant than ever. 

Made from Southern NZ pine, these simple but effective wooden stands elevate your laptop to a more comfortable height and minimise the risk of spilling your morning coffee on your keyboard. 

They also disassemble in a single motion, making them completely portable.

8. Bandana baby bibs

Got a teething baby on your hands? Keep your little drooler’s clothing dry with these trendy bandana style bibs made from natural, absorbent fabrics in a huge range of colours and patterns. 

They not only look gorgeous, but they’re also completely practical, adjustable and fully machine washable. Win, win, win!

9. Laser-cut wooden light shades

If you’re thinking about redecorating your space, these funky light shades add a bunch of personality and ambience to any room. 

Precision cut from unfinished wood, these unique light fittings come in a variety of designs and you can even design your own pattern for a fully personalised product.

10. Kitset timber gardens

Raised gardens are an efficient and practical way to set up a veggie patch, and these rough-sawn macrocarpa kitsets make it easy to start your own. 

They’re delivered ready to assemble and can be stained or oiled to suit your outdoor space. If you’ve been thinking about growing your own veggies, this is a great place to start!

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