5 creative ideas for entertaining the kids at home

Let’s bust that boredom.

Last updated: 9 May 2023

As much as we’d love for the opposite to be true, even in Aotearoa New Zealand, not every day can be a beach day. And, when you have kids in the house, there’s no such thing as a chilled day doing nothing. Fun must be had, no ifs, no buts.

Whether your kids are more on the creative side or prefer to release their energy in the backyard, here are a few unique ways to keep little minds (and hands) entertained at home.

1. Educational activities for kids

If you’re particularly interested in educational activities for kids at home, you’ve come to the right place. With heaps of educational toys onsite there’s something to suit every youngster’s budding interests. Get your little kid’s brain whirring with toys and activities that challenge them to think, create and learn.

Dive into the basics of physics with solar-powered model kits and build robots or space rovers that magically move with the help of the sun.

Take the first steps into chemistry with a kit to grow your own crystal geodes or get stuck into a kid’s first science lab.

If you have a tech-obsessed child, they will probably love wrapping their head around a computerless coding kit, it will keep them engaged for hours and also help teach valuable skills for the future.

Educational activities for kids can allow you to create special memories together.

2. Make cookie cutter characters

Do your kids get attached to fictional characters? Take a basic biscuit recipe and create your child’s favourite characters with special cookie cutters in the shape of Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse and all the loveable characters from Winnie the Pooh and Paw Patrol.

Mix up some coloured icing and give your little ones creative reign with a piping bag. For a little bit of extra magic, add a sparkling finishing touch with edible glitter.

Art and baking skills all combined into one.

3. Nature play ideas

Take inspiration from nature for activities that encourage kids to let their imagination run free outdoors.

For an easy craft idea, go on a flower foraging adventure and use a flower press back at home for beautiful artwork that uses only pressed flowers, paper and glue!

If your child has more of a green thumb than an arty one, encourage them to be your little gardening assistant with kid-sized gardening tools and task them to pull out weeds and search for pesky slugs and snails.

Alternatively, if you’re simply interested in getting the kids off the couch and away from screens, check out our wide range of outdoor toys that are guaranteed to get them out in the fresh air.

Flower pressing allows kids to learn about our native plants while also expressing their creative side.

4. Eco-friendly toys for kids

If you’re keen to find a couple of eco-friendly play options, we’ve got you covered.

Let your kids get their craft on at home with non-toxic and earth-friendly powdered paint – add a little water for creamy, tempera texture or splash in a bit more for whimsical watercolours. If you’re keen to try your hand at face painting, there are natural options for this too.

For noisy outdoor fun, replace single-use water balloons with soft and squishy reusable ones. Just soak them in a bucket of water and choose a target!

Finger painting you can feel good about.

5. Model and make it

Models have kept kids (and a good number of adults) entertained for generations. So why not encourage your child to give modelling a go?

Perhaps you have a creative child who’s bored of the usual paints and pens? Modelling clay is a great way to bring artwork into the third dimension with plenty of room for imagination.

For budding potters in the family, a kid-friendly pottery wheel is the perfect rainy day activity for busy little hands.

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