Another year, another unwanted gift: Don’t love it? List it!

Have you ever received a gift that left you scratching your head, wondering what to do with it? Well, don’t fret!

26 December 2023

Friends and family don’t always get it quite right. In previous years we've seen things like Rings, Llama mugs, bright yellow trainers and a sterling silver bracelet (the receiver was allergic to sterling silver) listed for sale on Boxing Day but we also see a lot of Kiwi looking for unwanted Christmas gifts to buy. 

In 2022, on Boxing Day alone we saw 131,000 searches for unwanted presents onsite. So what might not be your cup of tea might just be perfect for someone else. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Same goes if you're missing something from your Christmas wishlist, chances are you'll find it on Trade Me the day after Christmas! But how do you sell your unwanted gifts and how do you find those gifts you missed out on? 

The unwanted gift section

We’ve thought about this and we’ve got you. We have an ‘unwanted gift’ box you can tick when you list your items. This allows your listing to be posted in the unwanted gifts section giving you more opportunity to sell it.  It’s also a great idea to include the words ‘unwanted gift’ in your listing title to make it even easier for buyers to find. 

The same goes for buyers, check out our unwanted gifts section to find those gifts that often haven’t even been taken out of the box! 

The back story 

Kiwi love a good backstory. It’s human nature to want to know things about other people. Did your long lost uncle buy you a Barbie because you loved them when you were 12? Your husband bought you a new vacuum cleaner and that was the last straw? 

Although - if you’re trying to keep your reselling on the quiet, it’s a good idea to avoid making your listing identifiable in case the giver is hunting for a bargain too!

Get creative

Well-lit, high quality photos will help your listing get maximum engagement and a better price,  as will having an accurate description. Make sure you use keywords that will make it easier for people to find (and love) your unwanted christmas presents.

Setting the Right Price

Once you have finished writing your listing, now you have to set the price. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck but there’s a few things to consider when setting your price. Is it brand new in the box? If so this can usually go for a higher price but avoid setting it at the same price as the shops - people are looking for a bargain.

Check out the brand of the item online before listing and consider what price you would be happy to accept but also what price you would be willing to pay if the gift was your type of thing.

Christmas can be a stressful time but with Trade Me's easy to use system you can easily list your unwanted gifts and put the money towards something you really wanted for Christmas.


Sophie Graham
Sophie Graham
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